February 25, 2017 (5607-02252017)

In addition to the fact that the cowards squatting upon and illegally occupying  the personal and private area of my domain have once again swollen my right eye as I innocently lay in my bed resting and sleeping which proves she refused to electronically disconnect the item from my face, as recent as just this very morning today Saturday February 25, 2017 between the hours of 7:00AM through 8:10AM the very same known guilty criminal stalker known to have brutally raped and then murdered my family pet dog once again criminally burglarized my apartment, for which I believe we can sue the LAPD for refusing to take the burglary report which because of their refusal, left me in the path of harm’s way in the hands of a woman they had prior knowledge had harmed my family pets and I before, and whom currently IS in the process of attempting harming me again. In this particular instance, amongst whatever else she cowardly did, she in some manner or other tampered with my food bins which suggest another chemical food tampering, and to make matter just that much worse, as recent as just yesterday Friday, February 24, 2017 this very same, or one of her accomplices DID in fact criminally stalk me to the Felipe de Neve branch of the Los Angeles public library where she again illegally use an administer computer to secretly electronically eavesdrop and spy up[on me, during which time she DID in fact hack my Facebook page, at which time she again secretly attempted to, or did in fact message my newly reconnected with niece and nephews with extremely defamatory and offensive messages which she attempted to and or DID in fact electronically  transmit directly to their Facebook page using my very own Facebook page attempting making it appear as if I had sent them the messages in yet another attempt at aiming her hatred at me and my family members and that of attempting to destroy my relationship with them, for which again, I believe we can sue the LAPL for discriminating against us by allowing the known guilty criminal stalker woman doing this to us have the freedom to single us out to illegally unlawfully electronically eavesdrop and criminally spy upon us which then led to the hacking of my Facebook page which then subsequently led to the endangerment of my family relatives and I. Even Further, as recent as just this very same Saturday February 25, 2017 I again caught the very same “meet-me” people and the very same known guilty criminal stalker criminally stalking and waiting for me at not only the Burger King where I had my breakfast, but at the local Ralph’s store where she was once again doing things in the store to emotionally “taunt” the soul and his people and I with the knowledge we were being criminally stalked and this angers me because I have repeatedly told this company that the law says stalking is a criminal offence and that we do NOT want to be stalked around town by the company and the people they solicit to do so to us. I have repeatedly openly advised everyone all across town that the soul and his people and I were available between 9:00PM each and every Saturday night through approximately 3:00AM the very following Sunday morning at the dance club Florentine Gardens 5951 Hollywood Blvd and any and all of the folks that want to meet and or speak to and or dance with us can meet, and speak to and dance with and or literally have any discussion at all with us as this is a very public venue and arena for people we do NOT know to get together to meet us but it seems that the company feels that this is not good enough for them and instead they have chosen to criminally stalk us around town with intentions of taunting us every step of the way and because of this, with this letter I am personally advising this aforementioned company that in the event that Saturday nights at the dance club is not good enough for this company, then do WITHOUT as we will seek a true and enforceable restraining order against this company so as to prevent them from stalking us around town. The soul and his people and I would very much appreciate having the Facebook company see it they can identify the correct IP address of the exact computer that hacked my Facebook page during the 1:00PM hour of the day of Friday, February 2, 2017 and turn the woman into the police for criminal prosecution as we intend to advise the public library of the very same. 

As the soul AND his people AND I myself have repeatedly attested to; the people operating the “meet-me” company business which solicits people that want to meet me for whatever reason that they are wanting to meet me which I have never been advised as to the reason of, are NOT by any means friends of ours, they simply only pretend to be and the true fact is that they are known guilty criminals known and documented guilty of criminally stalking and repeatedly victimizing us for thirty-three calendar years, at least some of whom ARE in fact the murders that murdered my dog Buster-Too and because of their crimes against us, we do NOT want them, nor the people they solicit stalking us around town and therefore, if the dance club during Saturday nights is not good enough for the people that want to meet us, then do without as we offered this particular time so that we could all be within a safe environment, and so that the soul and his people and I could have our right to privacy and innocently live our lives and enjoy ourselves all other times without being constantly bothered by people wanting to meet us which is so overwhelming at time, that we never get a moment of time for ourselves with this company stalking us around town seven days a week and you point out any real celebrity and or famous person that wants to be hounded this way all day long seven days a week and I’ll show you a nut cake freak. In the even that this company refuses to stop this during all other times but the aforementioned personally offered times of the day (between 9:00PM each and every Saturday night through approximately 3:00AM the very following Sunday morning at the dance club Florentine Gardens 5951 Hollywood Blvd) then we will seek to force the cessation of this company and business and a restraining order against them to enforce it permanently. 

The message here is; take the time of between 9:00PM each and every Saturday night through approximately 3:00AM the very following Sunday morning at the dance club Florentine Gardens 5951 Hollywood Blvd to meet us without being offended that we too want our right to privacy, or very simply do without. Los Angeles California is the very city which found the need to compose and create and enact the “Anti-stalking” law more than twenty calendar years ago and we are personally advising; PLEASE do NOT stalk the soul and his people and I as the people operating this company are NOT our friends they are in fact our enemies, and their company is simply TOO invasive for us to except and too invasive for our happiness as well. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, February 25, 2017

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