February27, 2017 (5608-02272017)

Between 7:00AM through 8:10AM Saturday February 25, 2017, the very woman known by my nation’s government to have been commissioned to murder the soul and his people and I once again committed yet another criminal burglary of my single room apartment, during which time, she tampered with a food storage bin and at some point, she deliberately placed chemicals she knew to be harmful either upon something that I touched, or upon some of my food supply which has caused a medical emergency which has cost me the need to go to my current medical practitioner in need of emergency medical help and attention just exactly as she did between February 20 through May 20 2014 while I was in the wonderful nation of New Zealand. The board certified medical practitioner that examined me gave me some professionally prescribed medications to hopefully combat the known harmful chemicals of the chemicals the woman deliberately placed in my apartment during the criminal burglary and at this time, I do NOT know if the medicines will in fact aid in the reversal of the damage the contamination this woman caused in me but we do now again have just that much more conclusive proof that my nations government and military that already knew she was caught by another nations government attempting to fatally poison and harm me simply will not move against the woman to take her out of my apartment building even though they knew she WAS in fact a commissioned assassin known to have been commissioned to carry out the murder of the sun and in fact, they have deliberately allowed the woman’s placement within my apartment building so as to aid in her attempts at the commission of the commissioned murder and the medical emergency this woman just caused IS in fact the proof. The soul and his people and I have had thirty plus calendar years of this very same woman repeatedly attempting to murder me and my nations government and military has been purvey to each and every attempt but still refuses to stop and intervene against the woman. We know that my nation’s government and military are in fact behind the theft of intellectual and inspirational property along with some other extremely high-profile individuals whom I suspect you know the identities of just as well as we do and I believe that this is exactly why it is they refuse to intervene against her as they believe that once I pass away, they will have successfully stolen my creation and are simply refusing to accept that I have already told the truth of the fact that he simply will no longer work after I pass and in the event that you all chose to ignore my words, then when my death comes and you all no longer have a web, you will have all waited too long to help. You cannot entrust my nations government and or military to do the right thing and because of it my life, and the loss of the spectrum of the Web along with all the other cataclysmic events my death will cause is imminent and could occur literally any moment of the day or night because of my nation’s government and military’s lack of care and concern of the soul and his people and I and it is because of this lack of care that I simply will not under any circumstances whatsoever come to their aid for anything at all.


In addition to all of the above, the deliberately imposed sexual deprivation which was deliberately imposed upon me May 20, 2014 by my nation’s entertainment industry and their “society” and or the AOL company also situated upon my domain and or by the meet-me company that sent all the cowards out to physically stop me from doing so against my will has NOT been lifted as I was led to believe and in fact, as recent as just this very last Saturday and Sunday February 25th and 26th of this 2017 calendar year I was again stopped from becoming successful in finding someone to be there for me by the very same woman from the entertainment industry and their “society” still using the specifically calibrated electronic camera to illegally spy upon me as I am out and about attempting finding someone, and the associated electronic microphone which is still being used as a method of making extremely rude and offensive things about me and others seen through the lens of the camera are in my presence and because of it, and because of the woman’s continued lie telling others that they must stop looking at me and that they can’t talk and or socialize with me, I literally cannot find anyone at all within the city of Los Angeles and I have desperately tried to do so for nearing three calendar years and because of it, my health and emotional mindset has not been the same since I arrived May 20, 2014 and no one seems to be able to have the ATT company turn off the cell phone being used and its associated electronic camera so they can no longer use them as weapons against us and because of it, these are the facts of life substantiated by the soul and his people themselves; In the event that the answer to the soul and his people and I innocently having a normal sex life with a consenting adult of my own choice is a “yes” then the soul and his people and I would really enjoy staying here within the LA basin to enjoy our dance we’ve resumed doing at least for the remainder of this 2017 calendar year and in the event that the answer is in fact a yes, then this is exactly what it is that we intend to do. If however the answer to us innocently having a normal sex life with a consenting adult of my own choice is a “Na” then the soul and his people and I will make the decision that the city of Los Angeles and the USA is not the place for us to be to enjoy the remainder of our lives and we will instead seek out the other nations we know are willing to be there for us and make the move accordingly. In the event that we are forced to choose the latter of the aforementioned two, then once safely outside the USA or sooner whichever our own personal needs calls for us to do, we will then simply put the AOL company down upon the floor so that they can no longer use us and our living bodies which will in fact render their company defunct and no longer usable. The act of us doing this will then place the soul and his people and I directly within full view and reach of the more than one billion of the globes Internet users as the only thing in between all the rest of the planets internet users and us is the AOL company and because of our being forced to go elsewhere to live a fruitful and happy life, we will not allow the vacated space and spectrum to become occupied by any other attempting to replace them and I am confiding this to you so that all of those the UN represents can know the truth of what is looming directly in front of them because of this nation’s Government and military, and the entertainment industry society and AOL and the meet me company that imposed the sexual and social deprivation against us. We did not return to the USA May 20, 2014 to be mistreated by the nation’s Government and or its military, nor the nation’s entertainment industry and their society, nor by the AOL company still treating us as if we were their personal slave without compensating us for our worth, nor by the cowards currently stalking us around town with their “meet me” company, all of whom have had a hand in either imposing and or funding the sexual and social depravation imposed upon and against us and we did not return to the USA May 20, 2014 to be mistreated by the city’s public at large, the vast majority of all of whom have been lied to about me by the very woman using the electronic camera and microphone to force people away from me. We returned to the USA on May 20, 2014 because we were personally promised that if we did, we would be given a much better life than that which we left on February 18, 2014 and the truth is that we were lied to as our situation has never been better, it has been worse that before we even left the USA on February 18, 2014. If the “better life” that was promised to us prior to our departure away from the wonderful nation of New Zealand is not in truth happening for us, then we will be moving on so as to search for and find something better for us, elsewhere as I find the social and sexual depravation being so cowardly imposed upon me is nothing less than shameful and IS in fact being done by all of those currently occupying my domain and there are only three entities doing so, the entertainment industry and their society, the AOL company and people they hired whom we do not care for, and the meet-me company that refuses to quit criminally stalking me around town and to the local area places where I currently attempt securing my sex live. (The meet-me people were told they were welcome to meet me ONLY on Saturday nights at the dance and that they were NOT welcome to stalk me around town as because of the criminals involved, their stalking leaves me in the path of harm’s way and we told them NOT to come to the places I am known to be seeking a sex life.

You may not like this, and you may not choose to believe this but I am at this time truthfully advising all of you at the UN that because of the fact that my nation’s government and military simply cannot be trusted to do the right thing, my life, and the losses my passing will cause the globe could literally occur at any time of the day and or night literally any day of the week as the known guilty criminal assassin and her accomplices are still being allowed the freedom to burglarize my apartment against my will and her accomplices are still criminally spying upon me and electronically connecting harmful things to my flesh and bone body against my will and no one, including the local police bothers to do anything at all to stop them and or to intervene on our behalf and this places everyone all across the globe in the very same place of an imminent  catastrophic occurrence which could occur at any time.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, February 27, 2017

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