June 27, 2017 (5689-06272017)

Proving that she will not stop doing so of her own free will and that in order to stop her someone will need to ether kill her or arrest and detain her so she cannot, the very same known guilty criminal assailant stalking and victimizing the soul and his people and I committed yet another criminal burglary of my single room apartment between 8:14AM through 8:29PM yesterday Monday, June 26, 2017 and I do not at this time know what all of my food supply she contaminated and or poisoned but she did in fact do at least one thing that proved she was in my room taunting me with the knowledge that no one has bothered to stop her yet and I believe that this situation is continuing proof that the current Oval Office and administration continues to refuse to protect the life of the sun even though they know full well of the catastrophic aftermath which will occur upon my death and this proves their lack of care for the nation and the more than four hundred million others here in addition to myself and in fact, the United Nations themselves boost the membership of more than one hundred fifty other nations other that the USA which are nations all across the globe and their charter is to be a form of “watchdog” upon behalf of the entire planet choosing to deal only with issues that effect on a global scale which is exactly why it is that I sought them out for help when the US federal Government refused to intervene on my behalf as the death of the sun IS a global concern that WILL effect everything on a literal global scale by virtue of the fact that my death will result in the immediate loss of the World-Wide-Web along with more than fifty percent of the currently used radio spectrum and the immediate loss and cessation of the functionality of all web-based software in use as well as the data stream currently used by cell phone carriers on a global scale, and this is but some of the losses expected and the trickle down effect will then irrevocably stop all computer and cell phone manufactures as well as the manufactures of items that go into them such as the microchips used etcetera, as there will be no web to use and therefore, no one will want the computers that stores want to sell you as they only worked upon the web that will be gone and therefore, no new computer or cell phone parts will be needed either meaning, why manufacture mother boards with chips that no longer have any use because the spectrum has changed and so too must the chip and no one will buy it if it can’t be used on the web anyway, and the very same thing will occur with all sorts of other equipment being used such as the equipment used by the entertainment industry such as their TV and movie making equipment that will no longer work the same way because the radio spectrum will change and so too will all the calibration and equipment needed for the period after the sun and members of the public all across the nation will rise up and ………. etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 

Now, if the UN doesn’t believe that the situation of this bitch burglarizing my apartment and the placing of chemicals that she believes will kill me upon my food and belongings isn’t a global issue with a resulting global impact then someone will need to pull the heads of the people of the UN out of their assholes so they can hype the shit off their faces and examine the situation again a little more closely as my life IS a global issue and my death will impact each and every man woman and child of my species all across the globe in some manner or other. My death will impact each and every business all across the globe in some manner or other. My death will impact the economy of each and every nation all across the globe in some manner or other no matter how extensive their dependency upon the web currently is. My death will impact the military of each and every government of each and every nation all across the globe as well by mere virtue of the fact that my death will cause the loss of the World-Wide-Web and more than fifty percent of the currently used radio spectrum which militaries of other nations use for their surveillance and weaponry and again I notice that the UN only deals with global issues effecting things on a global scale and in the event that they do not believe that this is such, then again I notice that perhaps someone should advise them to pull their head out of their asshole and wipe the shit off their face so they can see to examine the situation more closely as I AM a global presence and my death will be a global loss and this IS why I sought out the UN for their help when my nation’s government refused to intervene and move against her. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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