June 29, 2017 (5692-06292017)

In addition to all else, the man and his bitch electronically connecting themselves to MY flesh and bone bodily aura and crown chakra against my will have laid around allowing at least one of their bitchs the freedom to stuff her entire hand and forearm into their rectum for more than twelve consecutive hours a day since April 2001 in their still ongoing attempts at forcibly subjecting me to being sexually raped by connecting themselves and forcing the “feeling” of themselves actively engaged in the aforementioned sexual activity, and this, along with the live electrical wires they  repeatedly stuffs into themselves via their rectal and or vagina cavity has so severely damaged themselves in the rectum and vagina that they can no longer hold urine and defecation in themselves as others can and therefore, are constantly, literally all day long, shitting and pissing themselves and I mean literally while they are electronically connected directly to MY living flesh and bone bodily aura and in addition to the fact that it bothers us that they are like farm animals that shit and piss right where they stand and or sit and or lay, but their refusal to get up off their backs long enough to find a toilet to urinate and defecate in causes the soul and his people and I to be forced to suffer through the feeling like we are wearing a dirty and soiled diaper all day long until this man and woman decide to get up and wipe the shit and piss off of their assholes and viginas and this absolutely disgust the soul and his people and I as we do NOT shit and piss ourselves all day long and we do NOT like these people and do NOT want them electronically connecting themselves to us and our bodies and or domain and therefore we do NOT feel that it is right to force us to suffer through the feeling of these bags of shit lying around all day long wearing dirty diapers which disgust us and what all this means is that we now find ourselves in the need of having someone force this bitch and man and their family to stop connecting themselves to our bodies so we no longer are forced to suffer the feeling, and embarrassment of their dirty diapers all day long. 

We currently seek the employer that employed this bitch and man to force the decision to mandate that this man and woman and all of their employees fully dress themselves in articles of clothing BEFORE accessing our domain as we do NOT want these people connecting themselves to OUR bodies while naked and or in their underwear as the princess bitch forces herself upon us. This will also aid in stopping at least some of their crimes of sexual rape and assault upon us and it will force them to wear better diapers and unfortunately, you can’t seek the princess bitch to help with this as she is the biggest problem as she is so stretched out she literally shits and pisses herself all day long and this happens to her because she is the bitch that raped and then murdered my dogs and we will not help her. 

Again, PLEASE stop these people, including the butt-ugly princess bitch (the harlot), from connecting themselves while naked and or wearing underwear and PLEASE force them to use toilet facilities to urinate and defecate as the stupid bitch that repeatedly squirts water upon their ass cracks to wash the shit away disgusts us as well. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, June 29, 2017

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