August 12, 2017 (5740-08122017)

In yet another deliberate attempt at seeking revenge against me because of the fact that with my letter I “told” on the woman, as recent as between 6:46PM through 8:49PM OR between 9:11PM through 10:49PM yesterday evening Friday, August 11, 2017 the very same known guilty criminal woman still housed within my building again committed yet another criminal burglary of my single room apartment at which time, in addition to all else that she did, she again cowardly placed more of the very same bed-bugs upon my bed mattress which I noticed during the very first light of day today Saturday, August 12, 2017 and you can prove that the woman is doing this as she has vowed to get her revenge against me for everything that I tell on her for doing and the way she does is by secretly spying upon me using a specifically calibrated electronic camera which she has electronically connected directly to the indigenous spectrum known to be emanating from my flesh and bone bodily eyes and when she sees that I am composing a letter telling on her, she then records my typing in her camera recording device and then runs the recording through a computer program which she created to add words to make my writing sound like questions someone is asking her to do and she then saved the recording to use as evidence that someone asked her to do these things at which time, the moment she has a recording she deliberately goes out of her way to do the very same thing to me again telling everyone involved that someone asked her to do these things and you can bank upon this each and every time I write a letter and this is why it is that she refuses to quit doing these things and I assure you that it is NOT because of the program she created to place questions in front of my writing, it is because of her desire to seek revenge against me for telling the truth of the cruel and inhuman bullying and treatment she does to hurt and harm us. 

Additionally, the woman has spent hours in my apartment while I was away repeatedly using a screwdriver to poke holes and scrape marks and gouges into the walls around the areas of my sink basin, for example, places where the wall intersects with the sink counter top, places where the wall intersects with the woodwork of the door frame, places where the intersection of two walls meet each other etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and once she damaged the walls in the aforementioned manner, she then placed the bug larvae she brought with her in the damaged areas evidently thinking that she was impregnating the walls with bug larvae and I repeatedly fixed these areas by one, noticing what she had done, and then by two, thoroughly washing the affected areas with soap and water, and then by three sealing the areas off by caulking over the damaged areas where she placed the bug larvae which has stopped the progression and this is how I have been dealing with the situation but what I did not realize is that she was deliberately doing the very same form of impregnation to the wall outlet near the very same sink basin which became so severely overcrowded with newly hatching bugs that when I turned on the light switch yesterday afternoon Friday, August 12, 2017, the bugs caused a short in the socket which could have very easily started an apartment fire that not only killed me but others in the building as well and when this happened, I realized that I had overlooked numerous messages by the woman telling someone that she wanted them to start an apartment fire that would destroy my belongings and force me out, and at this time I need you, the reader reading this letter to realize that the reason the woman is doing this to me is because she really is a commissioned assassin commissioned to murder me as the sun and we can prove this in a court of law, and her belief is that I have become too visible for her and her accomplices to murder in my current location and because of this, she is, as she has done thirty-three different times during the last thirty-three calendar years, desperately trying to force me out and into a location where I am not so well-known and or visible so as to enable herself the freedom to commit the murder she can’t achieve in my current location and we know so as the government has documented more than one dozen previous instances of the very same over the last thirty-three calendar years and this IS why she is doing these things to the building, and to me in my apartment and I also need the reader reading this letter to realize that because of her crimes against me as the sun, and because of her crimes against the soul and his people and our beloved ones, the soul took all of the living entity of “soul” out of her flesh and bone body and because of it, she has no inner conscious and because of it she has no empathy and therefore, does not feel anything when she hurts others and simply does not care about anything or anyone other than the meth she needs to sooth her chronic addiction and therefore is willing to hurt and or harm anything and or anyone to get her illegal drug money and meth. In addition to everything else, there have been numerous messages by the woman telling her accomplices to pull the fire alarm hoping to start the water-spout situated in the ceiling so as to flood my apartment and destroy all of my belongings and because of this desire, although I do NOT at this time know how she is doing this, I know that she and her accomplices have somehow turned the fire alarm on attempting to start the water-spout which she believes will flood my apartment and destroy my belongings and in addition to all of the above, while I do NOT at this time know who it is in the building, as recent as during the afternoon of the day of Thursday, August 10, 2017 I personally intercepted a visual message of instruction which she personally electronically transmitted across my crown asking whoever it was (an accomplices living in the building helping her) to break a water pipe to the heater in my apartment believing that it would flood my apartment and force me out that way. If I had somewhere else to go I would, but I don’t, and I do not have sufficient moneys to move myself at this time even if I did but the woman burglarizing my apartment does have someplace else to go and therefore does not need to live in my building and only continues to do so because of the black widow scam she pursues and because she is an assassin attempting to murder me and therefore, SHE can and should be moved. 

I am advising you the woman burglarizing my apartment STILL will not stop doing so and therefore needs to be forcibly stopped against her will. 

I am advising you the woman burglarizing my apartment is NOT doing this at the behest of the owner of the building, but at the behest of the leadership of a group of rich and famous people of the entertainment industry referred to in my letters as the entertainment industry “society” as this IS who has employed her to do these things at THEIR behest. 

I am advising you the woman burglarizing my apartment IS a commissioned assassin commissioned to carry out the murder of the sun upon American soil and that this IS known to be true by my nation’s government as well as the entertainment industry “society” as well as all throughout the business community. 

I am further advising you the woman IS a thirty-three calendar yearlong HABITUAL career criminal that is in collusion with a family that deals methamphetamine for some of their money and that she and her family will never stop victimizing and or stop attempting to murder me until she is either found dead or arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

I am further advising you that this woman and the family that she is associated with are chronic meth addicts that will do anything for their next packet of meth and their mindsets are set accordingly and everyone needs to know this so as to enable oneself the ability of being able to deal with them knowing this and accordingly. 

I am further advising you that this woman and her family also use packets of meth to lure their accomplices into doing things that are not within the perimeter of the law and everyone needs to know this as well as there are meth users within the building she solicits to help her carry out her desired acts of vandalism. 

I am further advising you that if you chose to turn her into the police and have her prosecuted, I will gladly testify against her in any court of law at any time anywhere. 

I am further advising that the reason this woman is so desperately trying to force me out of my current apartment is because she believes that I am too visible to kill and by doing so, she believes that my move to another lesser known location where I am not so visible will enable her to carry out her commission (the assassination of the sun e.g. my death). 

As far as you folks at the UN are concerned, I can advise you all that my nation’s government has accepted the fact that the planet will lose the web the day I pass away and we know this is true as immediately following the decision to go ahead and carry out the murder of the sun which he verbally committed to between the days of July 26, 2017 through July 31, 2017, the current administration immediately leaked a message directly to the nations media stating that we (the USA) or you (the media) are just about to lose the web, and this comment was proof to a world of folks that the administration saw the message by the soul and his people and know that the web will be lost to the death of the sun as well as all the other items the soul and his people and I stated would be lost and now we can prove the oval office and administration knows of the consequences of my death but still refuses to remove the woman from my mile of living soul which clearly states for all to know the sanction of my death is still being informed by the administration and any of you other governments worried about your own Peoples and government and militaries and commerce, well, you need to rise up and speak out to and against Washington because; as long as the woman is present within the mile surrounding me has access to my domain and I, the sanction is still being enforced by the administration and because of such, we, the Peoples of the planet everywhere are ALL in peril and this nation’s government will NEVER stop the sanction to murder me as it has been enforced since 1981 when Regan and the Pope were shot at but somehow someway the woman MUST be removed and brought to justice. 

You all need to realize that by this time of day, I am really feeling sympathy for the building owner because I believe that he, just like she did to others, was suckered by the entertainment industry “society” woman that moved her into the building under the false pretenses she was moved into the building which in truth was to carry out her commission of murdering me, without knowing the thirty-three yearlong history of the woman and her crimes against us and everyone else she has victimized along her way and we want Washington to force her removal out of the building AND the mile of soul I am known to be so we can have a safe place to live and dwell without ourselves and the building we live in being repeatedly victimized by the woman and her accomplices. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, August 12, 2017 

While I would rather not mention this, ONE of the problems I am having is the fact that the princess bitch and her personal aide have a black widow scam going on in which one of them professes to be married to me but in truth is not which is why she refuses to leave us alone and she believes that is she stays close enough to me until she succeeds in murdering me that she will be able to falsely claim that she is my wife and life long beloved companion so as to inherit all the money and belongings these families have willed the sun by claiming that she was for so very long always there for the sun but the truth is that I don’t even know her name and in truth she is a commissioned assassin attempting to murder me whom we have hated to death since day one and NOT my loved one and or friend and or spouse and contrary to her beliefs, virtually everyone all across the government and entertainment industry and business community knows this to be the god’s honest truth and we do NOT believe she should get anything from the sun at all, not anything at all period and therefore, this IS our will (that she NOT get anything at all from any of us period). 

Oh, also, this woman professes to be engaged in a business “writing” connecting herself to my flesh and bone bodily aura but has no such thing and we will no longer allow her nor any of her friends and or family and or accomplices use us as their meal ticket and therefore, any business she pursues is now permanently defunct.

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