August 17, 2017 (5746-08172017)

At precisely 7:12PM and 7:13PM Tuesday evening, August 15, 2017 while the soul and his people and I were enjoying the hour before sunset, the very same known guilty criminal woman still housed in my building committed yet another criminal burglary of my single room apartment, at which time, according to the word of the soul and his people and the government that witnessed her themselves, the woman cowardly attempted to contaminate me with a disease of cancer of the intestinal lining which she contracted and forced upon herself by being fifthly in hygiene and repeatedly stuffing live electrical wires which she never washes into her rectum to force the feeling of herself electronically connect to and engaged in anal sexual activity with and upon herself, by deliberately placing some of her own bodily fluids from the diseased areas of her body upon a brand new cup which I had just brought home (at least I think it was the cup but could have been anything) and we know she did this no matter what it is she says because there were witnesses that told on her for doing this to me, which according to the law is an attempted murder as this IS the crime committed when someone attempts to contaminate you with a disease that they know you don’t have and want you to get sick and die from what they contaminated you with and we know this is true too as there are many precedents that courtrooms have created during previous court case trials, and this is exactly what she has been doing for quite some time while burglarizing my room and even does so to other unsuspecting people she doesn’t like as well. 

As recent as sometime between 6:42PM through 8:43PM yesterday Wednesday, August 16, 2017, knowing full well that the maintenance man had just left my apartment from fixing the previously broken associated light switch earlier in the day, the woman committed yet another criminal burglary of my single room apartment at which time she deliberately rigged the light bulb over the sink basin to short out which shorted out and risk yet another fire in my apartment the moment I turned the switch on. 

In addition to all of the above, sometime within the last 48 hours the woman placed more of the very same “water-bug” larvae in the very same box sitting upon my desk which then hatched yesterday, which I was forced to clean up and get out of my room today, and upon cleaning up this mess, I inadvertently found that she had placed hundreds of cockroach eggs upon a back pack that I had literally just cleaned out to go on a two-day vacation in which we can prove that we cleaned the aforementioned back pack out within a time frame that makes it impossible for the hundreds of cockroaches that I found today to be nesting upon it without someone deliberately placing them there which proves that she did this to us during a very recent previous criminal burglary as it is impossible for the amount of roaches I found today to have innocently began laying eggs and nesting in a place I had just cleaned so recently ago. 

 With this letter I am advising the owner of the apartment building and the current administration of the US federal government that we do NOT give a damn what the bitch’s reason for burglarizing my room is, we simply will no longer tolerate the woman’s illegal presence within our legally protected leased apartment room and instead, we want the owner of the building to use the video captured evidence from the electronic video cameras placed in clear view of my apartment room door to turn the woman into the police with the expectation that she is to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of each and every applicable law so that we, the soul and his people and I may continue to innocently live our lives without her and all that she does which we want absolutely no part of whatsoever, period. 

In addition, according to the word of the soul and his people, the electrical wires the woman inserts into her rectum and vagina to electronically connect herself to MY flesh and bone bodily aura is number one, being done against my will as I do NOT want anyone connected directly to MY physical flesh and bone bodily aura, and two, being done without a proper shield grounding the voltage which as the result causes me to be subjected to the illegally applied voltage which is a criminal offence, both of which are punishable by a term of confinement in a federal and or state penitentiary and with this letter, we are clearly advising that we would prefer the woman to be arrested for her criminal offences against us and held in detention until such time as she can be dully prosecuted for her crimes and punished accordingly as we will no longer tolerate her use of these electrical wires upon OUR living bodies, period. 

We even further have reached our limit of the offensive verbiage being repeatedly recited to others all across town as we walk through our day out and about amongst the public at large and therefore, we will no longer tolerate the use of the woman’s or the society’s specifically calibrated electronic sex phone which is being used by the woman and her family to offend us and others we see and or encounter along our way and do not want it turned off, we want it taken from her and destroyed so that the remainder of her family cannot use it either. 

In addition to the message presented to the owner of the apartment complex as stated above, to the federal government of the USA we assert that we are damn tired of this bitch and her damn family disrupting our lives with the repeated criminal offences being committed against us. We have the right to live our lives WITHOUT this woman and her family and with this letter are advising that we have opted to exercise our rights to do so and are expecting the oval office top mandate the woman’s removal from the premises WITHOUT inserting a replacement. 

We want this situation cleaned up and the woman removed and kept out of our lives forever. We have every reason to believe that it is quite safe to state the building owner has a right to, and wants this situation cleaned up as well as we do and he too has every right to expect the nation’s government to do so for them as well. 

If I need to get louder I can and I will, and if the nation’s government forces us to do so through a continued complacency regarding the formal removal of this woman and her accomplices and family and company out and away from the mile of space I occupy as the sun, then the nations compromised military and various other items of the nation’s concern will find themselves in need of concerning themselves about their problems as we walk through and share our day with the people of and upon another nations soil and this will be a cause for even greater concern by our nation’s military as well as the nation’s economist and I hope I have made ourselves understood as we are really tired of being forced to deal with the situation of this woman and her family and company and want it stopped today and the nation’s government and  military can lie to others if they believe that they can but we know the truth of the situation and exactly where it is that we stand and have every intention to make use of it each and every time we deem that we need to do so.

If the government of the USA wants us to be concerned about the nation’s problems, then it behooves the nation’s government and military to concern themselves with the removal of this woman and her family and company as we will simply no longer tolerate her and her problems in our lives. 

Our problem is NOT the owner of the building we live within even though to my dismay, the current management of the building (whom I actually like) has been told to pretend that I am a crazy person just imagining the burglaries so as to enable the woman the freedom to continue doing so but we know our own minds and capabilities and that the government’s monitoring of the building with technology given to them by the soul and his people to catch the woman amidst her crimes proves otherwise and our nation’s government is advised that this owner was suckered by a con-artist and in the event that they and or the current management of the building needs more proof against the woman then the US federal government is expected to provide such upon OUR behalf so as to help US rid ourselves of her as we are ALL in agreement that the woman has to be kept OUT of our apartment for their sakes as well as our own and I would very strongly hope that our nation’s government assure that this man’s property is NOT harmed by this woman and her accomplices retribution for our decisions to refuse her entry into our apartment by insuring that she and her accomplices do NOT have the freedom to do so. 

We cannot, and will not tolerate this woman’s presents in our lives, nor in our room. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, August 17, 2017

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