August 18, 2017 (5747-08182017)

The known guilty criminal princess bitch and the family of known guilty criminal accomplices are still verbally harassing and tormenting others as well using the same ol specifically calibrated electronic cell phone to recite and electronically transmit rude and offensive verbiage directly to others she sees are in my presence and the message is “if the cell phone provider won’t take the phone away from her and destroy it so it cannot be used then we will rearrange and reassemble ourselves within the mile wide domain so as to prevent the cell phone provider from continuing within our mile so as to attain the desired results of ridding ourselves of the cell phone and the woman using it and this WAS the message at 6:20PM through 6:38PM yesterday afternoon Thursday, August 17, 2017 when the soul and his people stopped the woman and aforementioned company from using it. If this doesn’t work, then we will revolt all permission upon the domain and stop the use of our bodies until someone does something to take it away from her and destroy it.

Although I do not at this time know all that she did, I have reason to believe the woman has again committed yet another criminal burglary of my single room apartment between the 8:00AM through approximate 2:00PM time of the day today (approximately 11:40AM this morning Friday, August 18, 2017 to be more precise) and everyone has been advised to remove her as she would not quit and someone will need to do so otherwise I am going to continue requesting the owner continue with the prosecution request to punish her.

I am having money problems and within the last six calendar months the US federal government reviewed the amount that they give me and decided that 750.00 US dollars per month was enough for someone such as me but it isn’t and you know I believe that I have been cheated out of being able to make myself a millionaire by people allowed the freedom to steal from me which took MY chance to be a millionaire away from me, as well as the fact that the government allowed another to use me as a slave without compensating me for my worth for twenty-five calendar years and seven hundred fifty dollars per month is not a fair amount for this sun to have to live upon as the total amount of revenue being made by the soul and his people I am makes me worth trillions of dollars and forcing me to live on 750.00 US dollars per month is just not right and someone needs to do something to change this situation really soon or I am going to clear MY indigenous spectrum from ALL use so no one can use anything of me at all as we would rather be free of everyone all togeather rather than being taken advantage of by all of all of you, and further, we will no longer do more than seven hundred fifty dollars’ worth of work for the nation’s government per calendar month and be advised, my time is amongst the most expensive of anyone anywhere.

I am tired of being mistreated by the people squatting upon my domain. I am tired of the unfairness of never being compensated for my worth by those that stole from and or forced me into slavery without ever compensating me, and I am tired of the unfairness of being forced to suffer 750.00 paltry dollars per month to live on in a city that requires much much much more than that to live happily. Other nations are willing to pay more than four times that much.

Either shut the phone off and destroy it or I we will shut the provider company carrying the signal and service off until it is.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, August 18, 2017

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