October 19, 2017 (5808-10192017)

Because of the fact that the Roman Catholic Church refused to announce the birth of the sun as the true revelations of Fatimah instructed them to do, the vast majority of those looking at my blog believe that I am some sort of nut cake writing bullshit, but some of those reading my blog know that I really AM the sun as I have stated that I am and these people that know I really AM the sun also know that my letters and my situation is true as true can be and it is to THESE people all around the globe that I state the following;

I am in desperate need of help getting the soul and his people and I myself OUT of the Americas and away from the Government of the USA that chose to tell the world that it was alright to murder me, as well as needing to get ourselves away from the people of and throughout the entertainment industry that hated me so much that they chose to force an assassin upon us for more than twenty-five calendar years and still counting (let me notice that not ALL entertainment industry people felt this way, only SOME of them did and still do) as well as getting away from the two families that came to carry out the US government sanctioned murder of the soul and his people and I which is the family of the butt-ugly princess bitch and the jennet and her husband family, as well as needing to get ourselves out of America and away from those choosing to steal from (this is not just one company, this is more than one company), and, or, those choosing to  force us into slavery without compensating us for our worth (this is not just one company, this is several companies) and I live on $750.00 US dollars per month and have no access to any other monies to get us out of America which means that I am saving approximately fifty US dollars towards this goal per calendar month which means that at this rate we will not have the means to exit the USA for quite some time and every day of the year we live within the border of the USA our lives are in constant life-threatening danger and because of the cowardice of all the organizations I sought for help from in coming to the aid of the sun, I am still desperately looking for any way out of the USA that we can find and therefore I am noting; Any of those of you that know with all your heart that I really am the sun that can find a way to help us along our way, PLEASE do so without being afraid to help me because you know I am as I am, PLEASE.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, October 19, 2017

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