February 28, 2018 (5874-02282018)

Because of the known guilty criminal woman referring to herself as the entertainment industry society woman and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices illegally stalking me using the specifically calibrated electronic  microphone specifically calibrated to the lower bands of the short wave spectrum criminally defaming my character to those she sees are within my presence whom has resumed criminally burglarizing my hostel dorm soliciting people to “walk by me” to be seen through my eyes as the sun I was forced into a situation of needing to contact the US consulate here in Johannesburg yesterday Wednesday, February 27, 2018 requesting help against the woman and her hear me speak company. I have not yet heard anything from them regarding the still ongoing situation and do not know if and or when they will address the situation here in Johannesburg but I hope that they do so the soul and his people and I can finally be free of the woman and her unwanted company. Any help the UN can offer would be very much appreciated.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, February 28, 2018


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