June 07, 2018 (5891-06072018)

The known guilty criminal woman and her family deliberately flagging my craigslist adds referred to in the content of letter 5890-06052018 published upon my blog Tuesday, June 06, 2018  has again cowardly flagged yet another of my adds. The bitch did this to me the day of and or after the published account of what she was deliberately doing to me professing to be an authority of and from the entertainment industry of the USA and the situation that seems to be repeatedly presenting itself is that the aforementioned harlot and her family of horrors known of as “the Jasmine Company” the “hear me speak” company bitch, the “Roses” bitch, ect… has been falsely implying and professing to be an authority whom are somehow or others the soul and his people and my owner and that they are the authority government us and our lives and our activities and the absolute indisputable reality of the situation is that the woman is nothing but a bull-shiter that isn’t really anything at all other than a liar and a murderer and not a governing authority of any type or form at all, and is in fact not really in charge of us nor anybody anywhere at all.

In truth, the aforementioned harlot and her damn family have no actual authority over me myself nor the soul I am, nor any other person on the planet either.

They do not work for, and are not a governing authority and or organization at all and nether is the entertainment industry organization the woman repeatedly professes to be in charge of either as she and her family and the organization that has employed them do not write the laws we live by. They do not intact the laws we live by, and they do not enforce the laws we live by either and therefore the woman and her family and the entertainment industry and business they repeatedly profess to be in charge of has no authority over us nor anyone anywhere else upon the planet at all and in fact, the woman in truth should be prosecuted for impersonating an FBI agent as she isn’t and even if she were, the FBI has no jurisdiction upon foreign soil and neither does any other US federal agent without going through and getting permission from the government of the nation in which we are living within which at this time is NOT the USA and  we are all very, very, very tired of the woman falsely and illegally pretending otherwise.

The soul and his people and I will NOT subscribe and or adhere to the will and or whim and or demands of this harlot bitch nor her family of known guilty criminal horrors of the Jasnin company or Hear me speak or the roses either. What we will do though is whatever we damn well please irrelevant of whether the bitch stalking us around with a camera and microphone and her family and business likes it or not, and anybody that doesn’t like it can go fuck themselves as well.

Like it or not the entertainment industry harlot whore and her family of Jasmine company hear me speak the roses garbage is NOT in charge of us and has no say in the moments and or activities of our lives at all and is NOT to be believed when she implies otherwise and as I stated above, the entertainment industry that she pretends to be employed by is not a governing agency, they are an entertainment industry and therefore do NOT have authority over anyone anywhere and therefore, we will not allow them nor anyone else the freedom run our lives nor the moments and or activities thereof at all so the bitch that repeatedly asserts authority over us flagging our adds attempting to stop us from having a sex life can take her bullshit and shove it up her asshole somewhere else offline as we don’t want her online at all.

We are tired of the bitch and her family acting like they are our owner or our governess or in charge of us and or our lives and or the moments and activities thereof and if she doesn’t stop attempting to use her handheld device to hack my phone photos and text and overall phone in general which by the way is a criminal offence punishable by a hefty fine and or arrest and detention within a city and or state and or national jail and or prison facility in every nation all across the planet we will not only turn her into Police but rise against her and the company that gave the device to her even further.

Whether anyone likes it or not, I AM the origin of the World-Wide-Web you all use as the Internet. I AM the living body that was taken from to create globally used internet based software. I AM the living embodiment of the spectrum that has been used by the America online company as Instant messenger and the woman and family referred to within the content of this letter and more than four thousand others which I personally openly published upon my own personal blog for all to read is nothing to the soul and his people and I other than the bull-shit liar that came to murder us as that which we are known to be whom has already brutally raped and murdered our much beloved  family pets and if she doesn’t stop stalking us around town and following us around the globe someone is going to kill her.

Further, like it or not, believe it or not, the World-Wide-Web you all use as the Internet as well as fifty percent of the known Radio spectrum will no longer be available to the species for any use at all the moment I pass away. The living body that was taken from me to create the globally used internet based software WILL stop being used as such stopping the creation of any new software PRIOR to my passing. The use of my living body as Instant Messenger will also be brought to an end prior to my passing as the company refuses to compensate me for my worth to their company and I no longer care to be such for them, and in addition to all else, the Passover that has already begun will remove more than one half the world’s population of my species from the garden within the thirty four to thirty five calendar years immediately following my passing and what this means is that every day that this woman and her damn unwanted family and company are allowed the freedom to illegally criminally stalk me around town with a camera and microphone attempting to bring harm to me even to the point of attempting to murder me by everyone in authority all across the globe literally from the global hierarchy to the United Nations all the way to the very government of the nation she came from as well as all the churches that know who I truly am whom currently uses the fact that I AM the sun as their excuse to refuse to stop the organization funding her from forcing a cessation to her illegal crimes against us, is bringing these aforementioned dates and situations which SHALL occur ever closer and into being and therefore it must also be stated that those of reference whom truly ARE in authority all across the world that continue to refuse to intervene to stop the woman and her unwelcome and unwanted intrusion and repeated sexual depravation and crimes against us is risking the health and welfare of the planet as well as the global economy to that of doing without a spectrum to do commerce upon as well as risking the lives of the population that will be removed in the Passover during the aftermath of my passing.

I was created as a mortal member of the Homo sapiens species to live and dwell as one of you, amongst all of you complete with many of the desires that you all have including but not limited to that of having a sex life and having such is part of my life and I will NOT suffer its loss for no one and because of this, the woman and her damn unwanted business and family and their illegal stalking and hacking of my phone and they themselves and their incessant intrusion into the moments and activities of our lives MUST be stopped and removed, period.

We will NOT tolerate anything less and even further, I am damn tired of spending my time writing letters advising you all so.

As of today Thursday, June 07, 2018, because of the woman and her family and their repeated deliberate crimes against me I have no one to care for me and or to take care of my personal sexual needs as the gay man the soul created to be and I find this offensive and intolerable to me especially with all the money my life has created for all of you.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, June 07, 2018

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