June 10, 2018 (5893-06102018)

The fact is my hatred and hostility against the nation that refuses to release me from the bondage of the Labriella woman and her company and the Jennet woman and her drag queen husband whom the Labriella woman helps instead of me and the organization that refuses to stop funding their criminal activities and sexual deprivation grows exponentially on a literal daily basis and at least some of it is because of the sexual frustration of being repeatedly forced to do without because of the woman’s repeated and deliberate and unwelcome intrusion in our lives through deliberate and unwanted contacts of others I innocently attempt to interact with as they falsely assert lies and untruths about me and the various other crimes being committed by the same Labriella woman touting her fame through the release of a song that was stolen from me 1995 along with her personal aide(s) the jennet woman and her drag queen husband also committing criminal activity that they each pursued against us, including but not limited to the cell phone hacking of my phone and the repeated flagging of my personal ad seeking companionship and other criminal activities as well and because of it and the still ongoing sexual deprivation associated with their criminal activities against me and the hatred it causes me to express against so many I am advising the rest of the nation’s on the planet stop using the bitch and stop allowing her and her organization of supposed roses the freedom to conduct their business in my presence and or upon my spectrum because I can’t stomach the woman and her company and it causes such overwhelming hatred and hostility that I swear if it doesn’t stop I’ll raze and level the world. The situation being caused by this Labriella whore and the jennet family has to be stopped and the soul and his people and I have to be allowed the freedom to live our life without these bags of shit squatting upon us and our bodies and or using our spectrum and contacting others about us.

It was because of this Labriella whore and the Jennet woman and her drag queen husband whom cancelled my ad seeking companionship and continued to unwelcomely contact others about me lying about my sexual preferences as a gay male which again disrupted my freedom and ability of innocently meeting others that were NOT contacted by the aforementioned known guilty criminal bags of shit again left me without MY needs being fulfilled and what this means to everyone is exactly as I stated we do NOT want this Labriella whore and the Jennet woman and her drag queen husband nor anyone they are affiliated with contacting anyone at all about and or regarding the soul and his people and I, not for anything at all, period.

The soul and his people and I want the USA to release us from the bondage of this damn Labriella whore and her aides the jennet woman and her drag queen husband as well as the US organization that continues to fund their illegal activities against us and we want to be allowed the freedom to take care of ourselves, and we want the rest of the governments all across the world to stop using and or allowing their company the freedom to continue conducting their business around us and upon our spectrum so we can live our own lives without them their intrusion to take care of OURSELVES. We have told you all that we want these known guilty criminal murders and their company “the roses” “hear me speak” “the Jasmin company” OUT of our lives and forced to stop squatting upon our bodies and to QUIT using our spectrum and quit conducting their business around and upon us and to quit contacting others about us and leave us alone to live our lives as we want to live.

I previously published a letter upon my blog telling the truth of my sexual preferences as far back as November 25, 2015. Why don’t you all read it.


The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, June 10, 2018

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