June 10, 2018 (5894-06102018)

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Jim Buckmaster Craig Newmark Mabel Deng Craig Newmark Weezy Muth Christina Murphy of Craigslist.org:

My name is Stephen Wayne Reno, I am the origin of the Web you use as the Internet as well as the living body used to create globally used software, as well as the living spectrum used for AOL’s instant messenger.

On April 24, 2018 I wrote the below letter to you folks of Craigslist which you can read from the link below


On the date of approximately Monday or Tuesday June 04, or 05, of this year 2018 a woman falsely professing to be in authority over the soul and his people and I while also illegally and fraudulently professing to be an FBI agent contacted someone at Craigslist using an out of date supposed FBI badge which was NOT by any means a true and or valid FBI agents badge but an entertainment industry “society” member badge which is given to members of the entertainment industry secrete “society” people to enable them the freedom to get past the red tape of illegally electronically spying upon me through the lens of my flesh and bone bodily eyes. All the entertainment industry “society” members have been given this very same badge to enable then each the very same yet none of them have so wrongfully used it to do so many harmful things to the soul and his people and I which in this particular instance, was to forcibly stop me from using my email address to innocently post a companionship ad in New Zealand’s Craigslist and in fact also lied to others funding her by falsely stating that she flagged the ad because she had “found” someone for me but in truth is known to be the assassin that the entertainment industry and federal government of the USA sent to murder me and therefore had in truth done no such thing but what she did do was use her FBI bullshit fake secrete agent badge which is an entertainment industry complementary badge for illegally spying upon people to stop me from posting an ad innocently seeking someone to be there for me as a gay male which she doesn’t want me to find and I believe that the FBI should be arresting the woman for falsely touting herself as an FBI agent which she isn’t and for illegally using the aforementioned complementary piece of shit badge to pretend to have authority to do this to me which her supposed badge doesn’t give her the authority to do to anyone at all. Secondly, since I had previously notified the senior executives of Craigslist of the woman’s repeated attempts at stopping me from posting an ad, I believe that Craigslist owes it to the soul and I to remove whatever block their technicians allowed her badge to place upon my email address btm50s@outlook.com and since Craigslist doesn’t compensate the soul and his people and I for their use of our web then perhaps the senior executives can address the removal of said block using my email address as my account which I have provided above because if they are unwilling to do so, then I will call it discrimination and we, the soul and his people and I will then begin the removal of Craigslist from our web in the manner I stated that we would within the aforementioned letter also just as I stated that we would. 

I am tired of being victimized by this bitch and her fake FBI bullshit badge which gives her absolutely no authority over the soul and his people and I whatsoever and if in the event that the FBI doesn’t stop the bitch from using it as if it did then we will realise that the FBI is victimizing us as well through the aforementioned bitch whom is NOT an FBI agent and their complementary entertainment industry “society” badge and therefore begin to take the US government and FBI offline as often as necessary to convey our disgust over their victimization as well and if you all want to pick a fight with me about it then bring it on otherwise take the fucking badge away from the bitch and clear my email address so I can resume posting my ad like everyone else has the freedom to do.

All the information necessary to do as I have asked is within this letter including the email the woman blocked using her FBI bullshit badge.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, June 10, 2018

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