July 10, 2018 (5897-07102018)

In addition to the still ongoing deliberately committed sexual deprivation being deliberately done to me by the woman using the specifically calibrated electronic cell phone calibrated to be used as a short wave radio transmitter upon the lower bands of the short wave spectrum which is known to be emanating from my flesh and bone body in which she deliberately frightens people whom she sees through my eyes are talking to and or within my immediate presence so as to prevent me from being able to meet new friends and sexual; companions, because of the way she has her phone Illegally attached to mine attempting stealing my photos and letters and various other information as well as intercepting my text messages and phone calls against my will the soul and his people and I can verily easily determine that the woman refusing to stop connecting herself to my flesh and bone bodily aura via an electrical wire she stuffs into her rectum while claiming to be employed by the entertainment industry of the USA doing the society’s job of the hut, is still illegally stalking me around town all day long each and every day of the week contacting others in the area everywhere I go and we know so as I can see her location upon the map every time I turn the maps feature of my cell phone on because she has her phone illegally connected directly to mine and it shows the location of her parked vehicle and or location upon MY maps. This bitch has been sitting in some type of vehicle driving her around town everywhere I go and has been parking the vehicle around about two to three blocks away from me on a regular basis. It shows me quite frequently that she is doing this every time I turn on the maps feature of my phone and it is because of the illegal connection between hers and mine you can determine where she’s at any given time of the day. And the message here is that we have repeatedly stated that this bitch is not a friend of ours and she is not a relative either she is a woman that came to murder me and is therefore the enemy we do NOT want near us at all. This woman is nothing less than an assassin. The soul and his people and I have repeatedly noted that we don’t want this woman stalking us around town and she refuses to stop doing so every time we go someplace and I pull up my maps feature to find my way and we see her about a block and a half from us and this bothers us and if it doesn’t stop we will call the police and advise them she is a stalker and seek her immediate arrest. This is the very same woman that has a habit of stuffing a radio receiver connected to a wire into her ass hole and sits around with it stuffed all day long connecting herself from the computer that connects the wire in her ass to my flesh and bone bodily aura and we are tired of her doing this to us. She also has habit of repeatedly asserting that she works for and does this for the USA and its entertainment industry secrete “society” of rich and famous that know me but we know she’s a liar and we know so because we were all told so by the B-52s in the song “Rome” in which they assert that the US entertainment industry’s secrete society’s “system” has been enabling me to travel around the globe without anyone following me from town to town all day long for quite some time, unless of course the B-52s lied in the song which I severely doubt and what this means is that she either doesn’t work for the society at all, or that she was sent by the society to murder me and therefore refuses to stay away using the system they already had in place. This also means that if she doesn’t work for the US entertainment industry as she claims, then she either works for the AOL Company, or the government of the USA, or the Roman Catholic Church and its clergy. Now the way I feel about it is I don’t really give a damn who it is she works for, we know she works for someone as someone upon the planet earth is giving her and her family money to support themselves while she does what she does committing criminal offences and cock-blocking and illegal activities and crimes against us which quite clearly victimize us all day long and my belief is that whoever it is is in need of taking a moment of the day to stop giving her money to do these things to us and instead force her to go away because we are tired of having her near us all day long and want her removed and we are tired of being victimized by the still ongoing sexual depravation and criminal stalking and thefts of intellectual and inspirational property as well as the cell phone hacking itself as well as the criminal acts of vandalism of the hostel dorm I am staying within and all other crimes she and those she solicits commits as well and we are further of her telling people that I am a straight man instead of being gay as I am known to be while attempting to forcibly surround me with straight men and women all day long which prevents me from meeting the gay people I need to meet to find new friends and a sex partner to fulfill my needs and I am pretty certain that whoever is the benefactor of this woman and her family really is probably doesn’t really want me to direct any more hatred and hostility towards them and their families and companies and or organization and or government and or religion at all but if they continue to look the other way instead of stopping her I have a bunch more hatred I can levee against them for continuing to fund her illegal activities and crimes against us so take it to heart and mind that we don’t want this bitch hacking our phone and we don’t want this bitch in the same city and or state we live in and most certainly not within the surrounding blocks near us and we don’t want her bothering us by talking to us and we don’t want her cock blocking of our sex life and we don’t want her using our spectrum and whether you like it or not this is this is the man named Stephen telling you so himself and I am tired of fucking around about it we want her out of our lives.

Because of the resulting issues surrounding such it need be immediately noted that the aforementioned known and documented guilty woman and her accomplices stalking me have once again resumed contacting individuals housed within my hostel dorm room attempting garnering their help spying upon and stealing from me and attempting forcing me out of the hostel and onto the streets where she believes it will be easier for her to murder me. From here on I will be notifying those staying within my various living situations at least some of the truths of the true nature of my being so as to advise of how and why it is that they can hear the woman stating things about me and in the event that this causes problems then stop the woman from talking to others and force her to stop soliciting these people’s aide. Further; be advised that in the event that the soul and his people and I are again forced out of our current hostel dorm by this woman’s vandalism and or contacts with others then we will be forced to make further decisions to aid in additional help protecting us from her and her known guilty criminal family.

The very best thing anyone could do in this situation is stop her sexual deprivation so as to allow me to find sexual companionship so as to allow the soul and his people and I the freedom to fix my physical flesh and bone body and emotional mindset and to immediately seek and find a way to force her removal out of the area where we domiciled and keep her as far from us as humanly possible no matter what due force is necessary to achieve such feat and doing so IS the will of the soul and his people as well as I myself.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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