July 11, 2018 (5898-07112018)

I am being repeatedly victimized by the woman known to be criminally stalking me around town throughout the day seven days a week using a specifically calibrated electronics cell phone specifically calibrated to the lower bands of the shortwave spectrum. This woman has been deliberately frightening others she sees around me away from me by the verbiage she recites preventing me from finding friendships and sexual companionships. The sexual intercourse I have not been allowed to engage in creates endorphins in the brain, endorphins which then create other chemicals in and throughout the brain as well. The chemicals are then used by the brain to create a harmonic balance between the brain and mind and flesh and bone body. Without the creation of these endorphins, the subsequent other chemicals are not being created which then causes a chemical imbalance in the brain and mind and flesh and bone body. In my case this four-year old and still ongoing sexual deprivation and subsequent chemical imbalance has led to extreme fits of extremely violent anger and hostility and extreme emotional yearning and anguish within my mindset that just doesn’t go away and the result has created an overall less than adequate emotional health and a condition in my physical flesh and bone body which has resulted in a physical yearning that also just doesn’t cease which may and or may not be contributing to a lack of health that is currently risking my life as a mortal man. In my case, because of the facts of who I am known to be, the issue is being further compounded by the fact that the soul known to be emanating from within and surrounding my physical flesh and bone body is in every sense of the words IS a living part of the true nature of the planet thereby causing the same situation all throughout the nature of the planet literally on a global scale and this is in part why the USA has been recently seen being repeatedly pummeled with extreme and very harsh and severe weather patterns which have been recently documented as occurring throughout the last two to three calendar years since the sexual deprivation was deliberately imposed by the woman known to be stalking me. The woman is known to be further complicating the sexual deprivation she herself is known to be causing because of her knowledge of the word of the Christ people whom have further noted that the proteins garnered from sexual intercourse with me will be used to fix another life threatening issue occurring within my flesh and bone body which the woman causing the sexual deprivation doesn’t want to be fixedIf something were to happen to this woman so that she could no longer stalk me around and victimize me on a daily basis with the specifically calibrated electronic devices she uses it would be seeing as a lifesaving favor to the soul and the Christ people I am known to be as well as to I myself and even to the health and welfare of the true nature of the planet we live upon as well. If something were to happen to the individual, and or company, and or Organization, and or entity, and or Religious organization, and or government that sent and or is known to be funding her harmful criminal activities against us, it would be seen as further favor to the soul and the Christ people I am known to be as well as I myself as this way, whoever is funding the woman’s illegal activities could no longer send anyone at all to do these things to us. The soul and his people and I need closure just as well as anyone else and therefore we need this woman brought to justice for the crimes she has committed against us and our family and for this situation to then come to an end.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno July 11, 2016

For reference, the “Christ” people mentioned above are the smaller species of man depicted within the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt as smaller people standing alongside the larger depictions of mortal man whom are also currently seen writing the word within my eyes and around my flesh and bone body whom I have also identified as “the people of the soul” which I made up myself, as well as “the ancient sect of men” which are referred to within the secrete archives stored within the vaults of the Vatican, as well as the “Israelite” which are NOT the same species as the flesh and bone mortal man from Israel referred to as Israeli, as well as the people depicted with crowns of light around their heads seen depicted in the tablets found in and or near Summer of the Tigress Euphrates as well as other depictions found all around the world.




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