July 21, 2018 (5899-07212018)

As of this very day today, the very same woman still touting herself as my “society” member “caretaker” cowardly still using the specifically calibrated electronic cell phone stating things to others she sees in my presence (the mother of the Dominic William Labriella as well as the Jennet woman and her family doing business as “hear me speak” and or “the Roses” and or “the Jasmin company”) is still victimizing the soul and his people and I. She has once again caused a series of extremely painful flesh wound sores upon the back of my head and neck. She is still openly verbally defaming my character to others she sees through the lens of my eyes are within my immediate presence using the very same specifically calibrated electronic cell phone celebrated to the lower bands of the shortwave spectrum known to be emanating from within and immediately surrounding my flesh and bone body as means to frighten others away from befriending me for friendships and sex. She is still deliberately stopping me from sexual relations with others by “cock-blocking me by falsely asserting that they cannot look at and or speak to me and or invite me home with them which is in addition to falsely asserting that I have diseases’ I do NOT have which in addition to last weekend and all previous other weekends she again did as recent as just yesterday evening Friday, July 20, 2018 which in addition to all last weekend and all previous other weekends again cheated me from meeting anyone last night out and about at the pubs I went to. She has again resumed victimizing me at the hostel dorm I am known to be staying within by contacting others staying within the dorm as well as through vandalizing of the hostel which currently includes stopping others including me myself from being able to have hot water for sink use and bathing. She is still illegally using a cell phone device to “hack” and alter setting of, and steal intellectual and inspirational property from my own cell phone which is a clear criminal offence against me punishable by arrest and fine and a term of confinement within a penal institution for criminals, and it has been clearly stated by the omnipresent alive and living universal deity of soul and his “ancient sect of men” known as the “people of the soul” and the “Christ” people that “it is up to the world around me to see the need to stop this woman and her family and company, and for those that really do care for and love the man and or “character” I am known by many to be the true embodiment of, to stop the woman and family and their company from using the specifically calibrated electronic cell phone to defame my character and to stop me from meeting new people for friendships and sex” as they are known to be guilty as well as being known to be the very criminals that came to murder me and so, with this premise in mind I assert;

If I can’t get help from the world around me and from those that know of me and that which I am known to be and from those that profess to love and care for the “character” I am known to be to reach out and stop the woman and her family and company from victimizing us including but not limited to stopping her from using the specifically calibrated cell phone to frighten away and stop people she sees are around me from befriending me for friendships and sex AND to bring the woman and her family and the employer employing them and their company to a final end so as to stop them from continuing their deliberately imposed sexual deprivation which is known to hurting me emotionally and physically so as to bring this sexual deprivation to its final end and let true justice and then closure prevail so I can live my life as I chose to do verses how they attempt forcing me to, then my hatred and extremely violent anger and hostility because of it is just going to continue to get worse and worse and worse and as it spills out all across the planet through all of the multitude and nature, whatever fallout that occurs because of it will be all of your very own faults.

I’ve told you I need this woman and her use of the cell phone and everything else that she does stopped and no matter what this woman says to anyone, we know and have proof that she will NEVER stop doing these things to us of her own free will and therefore MUST be stopped by whatever due and applicable force is deemed necessary.

The soul and his people, and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, July 19, 2018

The soul and his people, and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, July 21, 2018

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