July 28, 2018 (5903-07282018)

While this is in truth published upon my blog for any and all the public to see, this particular post is a letter drafted to reach those that are the true friends of the soul and his people and I…, not those that profess to care…, but those that really do; while embarrassing and unfortunate for me personally, I am nearing the depletion of the monetary funds of my bank account which as of today Saturday, July 28, 2018 contains monies sufficient enough for me to buy food, housing and living supplies for approximately one calendar month IF I am careful about it. Also unfortunately for me personally is the fact that I am not now receiving, and have in fact never received anything from any of the companies and or business using my living body of indigenous spectrum and or “Christ” people for their business, nor from any of those using the Web the soul and his people and I are known to be the true origins and embodiment of, and I am not currently receiving (and never have) any monies from any religion and or religious based entity and or organization, and the government of the USA does not provide sufficient monies substantial enough to enable me to survive upon and I am not legally eligible to work within the nation I am currently domiciled within and I further know of no individual and or entity and or group of people public or private anywhere to ask of, and because of this truth, if everything stays the same as it is today, within an approximate one calendar month from today I will again be in a situation of extreme destitution and forced into a situation of needing to be homeless to survive, and so, because of this, I am hoping that somewhere upon the planet we live there is someone and or entity that has been prosperous enough over the course of their lifetime and remains a friend to such a degree that they can find the inner courage to step up and find a way to come to my aid in this situation as I truly do not want to become destitute and or homeless again and if in the event that there are any such true friends prosperous enough to help the soul and his people I am known to be, I sure would be grateful for the help, and if not, then I will accept this fact with my head held as high as I can and deal with my personal situation in whatever other manner I can and or have available to me when the time of my accounts depletion occurs. I am posing this situation in this manner today Saturday, July 28, 2018 so as to provide time for any of those that ARE our friends to be able to find a way to help before it is too late to do so.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, July 28, 2018

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