July 30, 2018 (5904-07302018)

In the instance of this very last Friday night Friday, July 27, 2018 I was again deliberately kept from meeting anyone new for friendships and sex by the very same harlot known to be making rude and offensive remarks to others she sees are within my immediate presence using the specifically calibrated electronic cell phone device in which she again spotted someone that had come to “meet” me for just this purpose, whom was then steered away from me by the woman’s verbiage as well as her repeated remarks to others asserting that they, those around me, could not look at and or speak to me, which again resulted in leaving me without for Friday night. By the time Saturday evening July 28, 2018 had arrived, we, the soul and his people and I personally caught and repeatedly witnessed as the very same woman engaging in the illegal criminal act of violating my own and others right to privacy illegally using an electronic camera to unlawfully spy upon me and others in an extremely sensitive private situation within a legal “sex on premises” venue in which in addition to repeatedly violating our rights to privacy using an electronic camera in a situation that is illegal to do, she repeatedly used the very same specifically calibrated electronic cell phone device to enlist the aid of more than fifteen different individuals’ within the premises and within my immediate presents to do her “cock blocking” on her behalf all throughout more than three whole consecutive hours within the aforementioned establishment, the consequences of which was so overwhelming that I literally could not find anyone at all that would even look at and or speak to me which again forced me to do without and it MUST be recognized that this bitch has no legal right to use a camera to illegally spy upon me and or anyone else in situations where the expectation of privacy is the normal such as but not limited to bathrooms, shower stalls, bedrooms and or any private situation where the expectation is that of legal privacy including any and all sexual situations and or ANYWHERE where the use of an electronic camera in a situation of expected privacy is illegal and anyone doing this and anyone funding this woman’s illegal use of said electronic camera during these situations can and should be held accountable and not only sued but prosecuted to the fullest extent of each and every applicable law no matter who it is that they profess to be, period. IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE AN ELECTRONIC CAMERA TO SPY UPON OTHERS IN BATHROOMS AND BEDROOMS AND VARIOUS SITUATIONS WHERE PRIVACY IS EXPECTED SUCH AS “SEX ON PREMISIS” VENUES AND NO MATTER WHAT IT IS SHE SAYS, SHE DOES NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO DO SO TO ME. By the time yesterday Sunday July 29, 2018 came, I was again forced to suffer the very same at the hands of the very same known guilty criminal woman, which again forced me to do without throughout the last day of the weekend and it further MUST be noted that because of the knowledge of the spectrum being used by this woman to illegally contact others she sees are within my presents. Because of the ease and simplicity of accessing and monitoring the communiques being electronically conveyed by the woman upon this spectrum to prove the guilt of the woman involved. Because of the fact that this situation is in its four and a half calendar year which has given all those funding the woman’s operation ample time to prove her guilt. Because of the ease and simplicity of mandating that she stop doing what she’s doing to hurt the soul and his people and I this way by those of authority and those paying for her housing and food and operational status, It absolutely has to be deemed that it is the people providing the money for this woman’s operational funding and the monies she uses to maintain her housing, and food and operational status, are in fact the guilty for commissioning this still ongoing sexual deprivation as well as all other criminal offences she refuses to quit committing because of it weren’t, this bitch would have been stopped long long long ago but instead, the money she uses for this illegal operation which has victimized the soul and his people and I for so very long just keeps on coming and we are still being victimized this very day today because of it and because of this absolute fact, I have grown to loath these people to such a degree that my hatred is spilling out on a global level all through nature and I am willing to go to whatever extreme I need to to stop each and every one of those commissioning her from ever prospering upon this planet again and to see that true justice is done. It MUST be seen that it IS the people that are providing the woman’s operational funding that has to be stopped from doing so at whatever level is necessary to stop them from providing further funding to the woman so as to alleviate this woman’s continued criminal spree of crimes against the soul and his people and I no matter who it is that they are. It has to be deemed that without this woman’s operational funding, this woman can no longer hurt us and therefore the removal of all whom are doing so is necessary. Because of the extreme emotional and physical toll being taking on the soul and his people and I as well as all of the true nature of the planet we live whom have the right to live without her and her unwanted intrusion and connection and business in our lives, no matter what their excuse is for doing so, providing this woman’s operational funding is simply the wrong choice to make and their doing so MUST be stopped at whatever level necessary to achieve their cessation and because of this, I urge you to remember the words published within letter 5902-07262018 https://stephenwaynereno.wordpress.com/2018/07/25/july-26-2018-5902-07262018/  

As I stated above, the soul and his people and I and all we are and do have the right to live WITHOUT this known guilty woman and her illegal and unwanted business and connection to our bodies and intrusion into our lives and we have the right to see justice befall her as well and we chose of our own volition to live without her and her family and unwanted business and connection to our bodies and intrusion in our lives because we want to be free of her to live our lives in peace and happiness WITHOUT the problems and regulation and deprivations she choses to force upon us and we chose to see to it that justice befalls her for the crimes she committed against us so let us remember and take notice of the fact that there isn’t anybody waiting in the wings to take this woman’s place as there isn’t anybody other than her waiting around to victimize us as she and her aides have choses to do and what that means is the sooner she and her aides and those commissioning her crimes against us by providing her operational finding are stopped and or simply by whatever means gone and out of our lives forever, the sooner we are free to live the remainder of our lives in peace. It should also be noted that those providing the operational funding for this woman to do these things to me may appear to be undaunted by her crimes against us today, but because of the extreme emotional and physical hurt and harm this situation has caused in my heart and mind and physical flesh and bone body I will stop at nothing to see to it that justice is done against this woman and those that have done this to me and the only way to stop the hatred I have amassed about this situation is by stopping the guilty woman doing this to us now so that the soul and his people and I have our freedom away from her to live in peace as beginning the moment of my death, the loss of the World-Wide-Web as well as the cell phone data stream and the inability of transmitting the television everyone enjoys today coupled with the loss of the use of more than fifty percent of the current usable spectrum currently being used for military and travel and various commerce and entertainment will be so substantial that it will bankrupt all the larger nations economies as well as rendering at least some of their militaries might at least partially defunct leaving entire nations subject to that which they have never been subject to before which in turn will cause a witch hunt the likes of which has never been seen on this planet before and the world WILL see to it that justice about this situation is done and I will celebrate this justice even if I have passed and am no longer within the physical body of a flesh and bone mortal man named Stephen. 

I am tired of being victimized this way and we want our justice and rid of the woman today. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday July 28, 2018

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