July 31, 2018 (5905-07312018)

I think it’s pretty safe to say that there isn’t anything whatsoever normal about someone stalking you from hostel dorm to hostel dorm to hostel dorm all around the globe while secretly contacting the others in the form you’re staying in to solicit their help monitoring your activities and movements by asserting that you are a criminal running from the law and being watched by governmental agents whom they, the stalker stalking you is pretend to be while also furthering your inability of making new friends and associates by making various other defamation of your character falsely and untruely suggesting that you say and do things that in truth you never say and or do at all and yet this is exactly what the mother of the man named Dominic William Labriella whom we obtained a valid and enforceable restraining order against in Los Angeles California and her personal aides the jennet woman and her husband have been illegally doing to the soul and his people and I for quite some time including but not limited to everywhere we lived in los Angeles between May 2014 through February 2018 as well as throughout the locations we stayed at in Johannesburg South Africa as well as all throughout each and every place we stayed at in Auckland New Zealand as well as in Sydney and now Melbourne Australia and this has occurred right in front of the government of the USA whom monitors their every move as well as members of numerous other nations governments all across the globe monitoring my movements and activities as the Sun Stephen and with supposed responsible people in the know whom should be stopping the woman’s funding, simply continue blindly providing the known guilty woman and her accomplices more operating funds to simply continue victimizing me this way every step of the way and since this type of criminal activity isn’t by any means normal, it isn’t legal either and yet, it is still being done right in front of governments that know who I am each and every day of the year and like it or not, the only plausible reason that the woman and her aides are being allowed the freedom to continue doing this to me is that the woman is being allowed the freedom to attempt to carry out the executive order drafted by the government of the USA to commit the deliberate and premeditated murder of the man known to be the living incarnate that was expected to come which like it or not, is me, the man named Stephen, on behalf of the government of the USA whom drafted the order and on behalf of the people giving the woman her operational funding which in this case seems to be the entertainment industry of the USA and therefore it is time for me to assert that I left the soil of the USA to get away from the entertainment industry that wanted me dead as well as the US federal government and I no longer reside upon their soil so if in the event the government of the USA and those known to be providing the woman with her operational funding continue to be unwilling to sever the relationship between themselves and the soul and his people and I so as to let go of us so we can live our lives without their intrusion in our lives, then because of our desire to be free, we will pursue severing of our relationship and separation in a different way because we are all aware that the mother of the Dominic man as well as her personal aides ARE the murderer that murdered my beloved dog Buster Too as well as being the very same murder that has been caught repeatedly attempting to murder me on numerous times since 1983 and she is the same woman carrying out the sexual depravation as well as being the thief that has stolen from me and this is why she hides from me and because of everyone’s knowledge that these facts are true, it is unfathomable that anyone professing a care for the deity I am known to be would provide anything to this bitch and her family and aides let along operational funding to continue attempting victimizing and murdering me. So in the event the government of the USA and those known to be providing the woman’s operational funding continues to victimize us through the empowerment and funding of this bitch and her company then we will stand up and seek in a much different manner and pursue our separation through a different way and still come out smelling like a rose. The soul and his people and I are known to loath the jennet woman and her husband as well as the mother of the Dominic pile of shit and someone needs to make it really clear that it is time for these people to let go of us and find someone else to bother all day long. I am known to be staying within the hostel dorm I am currently staying within because the woman known to be stalking me from hostel dorm to hostel dorm contacted various other hostel dorms in the city falsely telling them I was a paedophile sexual predator preying upon younger people and was too old to occupy their hostel dorm and at least one dorm in the city turned me away because of this fact and the hostel dorm I found is the current one where I am now staying as they cater to an older crowd of folks similar to me myself which was alright for me but now, in addition to tampering with my articles of belongings and food attempting to cause life threatening sickness, the woman known to be stalking me from hostel dorm to hostel dorm is repeatedly victimizing me on a daily basis from within my hostel dorm by cowardly turning off the hot water while I am amidst bathing myself which is repeatedly forcing me to take cold showers and my money pays for a hot shower and I believe that she was allowed the freedom to get away with this by threatening the owner and or management with adverse action against them because of the condition of the hostel dorm itself and while it IS in fact true that the hostel dorm is not cleanest of the lot and you all already know this as you all can see through my eyes just as well as she does, never the less, its room rate is minimal in comparison to the vast majority of the others around town and therefore works quite well for those staying whom by the way, just like me, are staying through voluntary choice and not by forced mandate and therefore (the hostel) should not be penalized for its condition as it works for me and all those choosing to stay there as well, so with this said we believe that it was wrong of the woman to frighten the management into helping her by asserting that if they didn’t she would have them shut down for whatever violations she could find to turn then in for and it wouldn’t have been the right choice for me to do and this isn’t the intent of my letter but the intent IS to see to it that something is done about the woman that has done this to me so as to force her out of and away from the current dorm as well as keeping her from any future place of residence I might find during my remaining tomorrows and you know something, the past regulation regarding the knowledge of who I truly am was removed more than four calendar years ago so perhaps the right way to help this situation is by advising the owner of the hostel dorm and any of the occupants staying there as to the truth of my identity as well as to the truth of the known guilty woman victimizing me this way and any operatives the nation’s government have stationed there could very easily do so so as to rid the dorm of the hostility against me by advising of the truth instead of the lies the woman is known to have been telling about me. Failure to do this poses direct life threatening risk to my life.  It would seem that the US entertainment industry society people or whatever entity is providing the woman’s operational funding enabling her to stalk me from city to city to city and to house herself in my hostel dorm has deliberately employed a woman that is openly discrediting me by openly telling others of the public at large false and untrue defamation of my character and activities which proves to all that whoever is the employer and providing the operational funding is NOT acting in the best interest of the soul and his people and I but are instead, just as I previously stated, providing operational funding for a woman known to be actively attempting murdering me on the behalf of the US federal government that drafted the executive order to do so which is causing a life threatening and hostile situation against and toward the soul and his people and I upon the soil of another nation OTHER than the USA and you all think long and hard and remember my death takes away your internet, your cell phone data stream, your globally used internet based software, your ability to transmit television programing, your global electronic commerce capability, more than fifty percent of the unable spectrum which in turn takes away your military might and summarily begins a Passover the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the time of Moses and sets the world population against each and every one of you that allowed this woman to do these things so you all think long and hard about it and make a determination of who you’d truly rather loose at this moment in your lives, the crown of life, or the dead woman known as a damn butt-ugly whore. And by the way, as I already stated the soul and his people and I are known to loath the jennet woman and her husband as well as the mother of the Dominic pile of shit and American laws are only enforced upon American soil not the lands of another and the soul and his people and I are not upon American soil anymore and we don’t want the hear me speak bitch’s company using and or covering our eyes because we, the soul and his people and I, can cover our own eyes without her and we don’t want the bitch and her aides lying around on their fat asses occupying our private spectrum for any other business either so stop providing them with monies to do so and instead make them let go of us and sucker their meal ticket out of someone else.  

By the way, the US presidential executive order to murder a man that brings all that I do to the world should be seen as wrong and detrimental to a global population which means that the USA and its government is NOT acting in the best interest of the other nations of the planet, nor the population of the species of mortal man woman and child that lives here but is instead a self-serving attempt at ridding the government of the USA of someone that won’t support them anymore and an entertainment industry of someone that they simply don’t care for and don’t want to be bothered with anymore and this IS why the soul and his people and I are no longer upon American soil. 

Someone should address this hostel dorm situation today, and oh, by the way, you all can see the truth through my eyes just as well as the bitch bothering me and you all know I don’t mind the dorm at all so lets not make this about the cleanliness and or quality of the hostel dorm and stick to the facts of the woman’s cowardice and victimization of the soul and his people and I. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday July 31, 2018

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