August 22, 2018 (5913-08222018)

As recent as this very day today the woman housed within my hostel dorm resumed committing acts of vandalism upon the property. 

In addition to catching the man spying upon me standing outside the bathroom door while I was bathing, as recent as the early AM hours of this morning I again caught someone in my room spying upon me on behalf of the harlot. 

If those of you funding the illegal activities being committed against me by the mother of the Dominic man and the Jennet woman and all those doing business as “hear-me-speak” “the Roses” “the Jasmin company” and stop them  from connecting themselves to my living body and aura and make her quit stalking me around town and force her to quit placing people upon street corners to spy upon me I am going to strike out against you and one of those she has spying upon me with violence to make an example of all of you and when the police come to arrest me I will tell them the truth and seek protection against all of you and if arrested I will take your internet and software making ability away from all of you all across the globe blaming you for funding the crimes against me and the rest of the population of the globe will seek out your families and kill them because of their loses. 

I told you I was fucking tired of this bitch stalking me. 

I told you I was tired of her placing thugs to spy upon me at different locations on the streets I walk. 

I told you to stop her from rushing to contact everyone I meet and or come into contact with throughout my day. 

Either stop funding this bitch and her company or I will stop ALL of YOU instead. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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