August 23, 2018 (5914-08232018)

I am still besieged with the sexual deprivation being forced upon me by the harlot woman still using the specifically calibrated electronic cell phone verbally stating things to others seen in my presence which offends to the degree that I am still unable to find friends and sexual companions and one of these days very soon you’re all going to notice that you have waited a day too long to address this situation and stop this woman from doing this to me and when this day comes you will not be able to overcome and or undo what you have brought upon yourselves waiting too long. 

I am advising all of you that I am tired of this still ongoing situation.

I am advising that this woman’s device needs to be taken from her and that her mouth needs to be closed and stopped from mentioning the soul and his people and I in any context whatsoever and that we are tired of this woman’s intrusion in our lives.

I am advising you that we, the soul and his people and I, want absolutely no affiliation and nothing whatsoever to do with this woman.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, August 23, 2018

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