September 11, 2018 (5917-09112018)

Speaking in the second person about myself, and you; 

My dear Olivia, I read a very recent article in which you revealed a current difficulty you are now facing for a third time in your life. Within the article you stated that you believe that you are a privileged person, and that you have a wonderful house, a husband, all the animals you adore, a wonderful career, you didn’t mention children but you have at least one of those too, and a recent published photo of you and your husband shows that at least aesthetically, you are still a pleasing person to look at, but what I notice when I look at the life of the woman you are is that the truest problem you face is that over the years, you have fallen away from the man you know to be “the living one” and the soul and ancient sect of men he is known to be. There are many reasons why it is that a person of this era would do such a thing but what is truly divine is to recognize and realize with all your heart and mind that the truest reason why the “the living one” IS the way he is this day or any day that he lives is because he, like all the others that came before him, was created by the Omni present very much alive and living soul of God and his ancient sect of men exactly the way he is during any given era so as to show the world the true nature of the living soul he is and the living environment in which we all live in as well, and, so as to enable him to be able to live amongst the species he is to combat and oppose opposing forces that oppose the divine will of God and that which truly IS throughout our planet and the universe in which we live. When you do this, when those that CAN do this, they have the ability of overlooking many things that one and or others might perceive as “bad” about him because of the recognition and realization that these things aren’t really bad, they’re just the necessities of the day in which we live which were incorporated into him so that he might live and be capable of doing as his creator chose for him to do. Knowing, and being able to accept these things brings the inner peace we all need to live a truly fulfilling life. No one knows when it is that our time might come for us to go home to the creator that created us and I have no knowledge of when your time will be but I will advise you that I have always found you to be worth liking and as such, I always have, and because of this, by the time you read this letter I will have already spoken to the soul and his people about your current situation and or condition and no matter what the outcome, I will always know in my heart and mind that this recent article which I have referenced above was your way of reaching out and because of it, whenever your time to leave does come, we, the soul and his people and I will be there to greet and welcome you home. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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