October 03, 2018 (5918-10032018)

Yesterday October 02, 2018 I had the displeasure of innocently visiting a local health clinic attempting to get myself some medications which because of various companies holding me in the servitude of their company without compensating me for my worth which the federal government of the USA allows to be done to me, I have no monies to buy for myself but in this instance as with many many many others of the very same, I was unable to get the appropriate care and services that I am in need of because of various bold face lies that were told to the social worker I was in the office of and seeing via a specifically calibrated electronic cell phone which the harlot uses calibrated to the extreme lower bands of the short wave spectrum to say defamatory remarks and other things about me to others she sees are in my presence. 

Because of this still ongoing situation which the government of the nation she came from refuses to stop her from doing and those funding her also refuse to stop her from doing, I have decided to compose and print on paper a letter which I can carry in my pocket and innocently hand to various members of the public that I need help from in an attempt to convey that the voice heard is NOT the voice of a friend but is in fact the enemy.

It has been repeatedly noted by me myself in thought, and verbally, and within countless publicly published letters and statements that the soul and his people and I are NOT being allowed the freedom by the woman using the aforementioned cell phone, to innocently live our lives as we chose to do and this situation has become so overwhelmingly apparent that recently, on more than two separate instances even the soul and his people themselves aired messages stating the very same, that we simply are not being allowed the freedom to live our lives because of the harlot using the specifically calibrated electronic microphone asserting defamation and various other untruths to others she sees in our presents around us.

The below is the letter I have composed to pass out to others hearing the woman’s verbiage.

So that you do not inadvertently embarrass and or compromise yourself and or the integrity of your office and or your nation’s government, I am advising; my name is Stephen Wayne Reno. There is a living body of soul known to be emanating from within my flesh and bone body and surrounding me which has been scientifically proven to be of the Short Wave category of the Radio Spectrum, and as such, my eyes and visual cortex are known to be as electronic camera lenses and my ears as very astute recording microphones in which everything I look at and or see, and everything that I hear and or that is said to me can ALSO be seen and overheard and listened to by others through the use of specifically calibrated electronic cameras and listening and eavesdropping equipment calibrated to the extreme lower bands of the short wave spectrum falling into categories being that of news medias, various insiders of the Television community of broadcasters, scientific teams, operatives of governments of various nations including your own, and just as notably, those that profess allegiance to the true nature of the person I am know to be whom are also watching and listening in defense of me, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE VERY ENEMY that I seek protection from which includes but is not limited to A WOMAN AND HER FAMILY KNOWN TO BE USING A SPECIFICALLY calibrated ELECTRONIC MICROPHONE CALIBRATED TO THE SAME EXTREME LOWER BANDS OF THE SHORT WAVE SPECTRUM KNOWN TO BE EMANATING FROM AND IMMEDIATELY SURROUNDING MY FLESH AND BONE BODY TO SPEAK AND SAY THINGS TO OTHERS SHE SEES THROUGH MY EYES ARE WITHIN MY PRESENTS AND OR AROUND ME OFTEN FALSELY PROFESSING TO BE A RELATIVE, A FRIEND, AN AFFILIATE SOMEHOW AFFILIATED WITH ME, AN AGENT OF THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY AND OR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE USA AND OR ANY OTHER NATION, AND OR ANYTHING SHE BELIEVES WILL GARNER YOUR TRUST IN HER, YOUR SYMPATHY FOR HER, AND OR YOUR HELP AGAINST ME. I am advising you of the above because I AM seeking protection from those that because of who I am known to be have professed their desire to fatally harm me AND because I am in need of protection from the situation being posed against me by the woman and family which I have noted the situation of in BOLD CAPITOL LETTERS above. With this said, I AM in need of your understanding and your knowledge that the voice you here speaking is NOT that of a friend attempting to help me but is the ENEMY known to be attempting to harm me.

End of letter

Any trouble this may cause should be blamed upon the woman using the cell phone and her refusal to quit attempting to regulate our lives via the aforementioned cell phone. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, October 03, 2018

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