December 20, 2018 (5921-12202018)

As recent as mere moments ago 11AM 12/20/2018 I yet altercation ensued as the result of more of the public solicited by the society’s harlot to video me as I walked down the street. WA (Western Australia) license plate 1GRQ 897 was the vehicle they had prepared with the driver in the running vehicle which they ran to to get away from that which they had done.

It is the jennet woman fucking her husband up the ass & the society’s harlot that are seen in sexual situations on the bandwidth modulation of the insiders of the television industry NOT the enlightened one & they should be arrested for doing so electronically connected to me & MY spectrum.

I am known to have tweeted messages advising that I needed someone that would come to me from outside the harlot & the jennet bitch’s companies whom would ignore the comments they made long before I got to Perth.

With all the money I make for the economies of the nations all across the globe if you all can’t stop the sexual depravation by finding me someone that isn’t sent through the harlot & the jennet woman & their companies whom will ignore the comments they make then do without your economies & find someone else to care for yourselves & your families too.

Anyone coming, or presenting themselves to me through the harlot & her roses & or the hear me speak company & their families are perceived as aides to an assassin & nothing more & will be treated accordingly.

Providing a device to the murderer that murdered my dog allowing her to hack my cell phone is perceived as a company helping an assassin wanting to murder me.

If I can’t have a phone that isn’t hacked by the harlot then I will stop the advancement of ALL the software & stop everyone’s use of cell phones on my web & you all can try selling your stocks without us.

If we can’t find asylum away from the sexual deprivation & the harlot & the jennet woman & her husband that cause it within the five eyes then we’ll find it outside the five eyes & in passing we’ll limit the flow of advancement & technology to the minds of those outside thereof as well & I speak for the Christ people too so anyone that doesn’t like it so what.

Ultimately, if the soul & his people & I can’t find asylum away from the society’s harlot & her Roses & the jennet woman fucking her husband & their companies & the sexual deprivation they force upon us within the five eyes, then we’ll find asylum away from them outside thereof & in passing will limit the flow of advancement & technology to the minds of those outside thereof as well & the world will turn away from them.

Because of an airline ticket I couldn’t afford but needed to get away from the woman stalking me to a place where I could find someone to spend time with me as of the 26th of December I will no longer have monies for a bed to sleep for an approximate nine, possibly more calendar days.

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