February 14, 2019 (5925-02142019)

The woman harlot known of as the whore using live electrical wires which she inserts into her rectum and vagina to electronically connect herself directly to my groin and base of spine chakras refuses to stop doing so even though we repeatedly told her to quit doing so and her repeated and deliberate use of the live electrical wires and associated electrical voltage causes physiological problems upon MY living body that cannot be justified, especially not for some jealous bitch that wants to hide herself behind the living soul known to be emanating from, while pretentiously pretending to be the embodiment of the spectrum I am known to be. The associated resonance the repeated and deliberate use of the live electrical wires causes even further exacerbates associated troubles she causes with her connection that not always seen but which are never the less always occurring which will after my passing appear in all recordings made by the Television industry and cannot be justified being done to the local areas of the nation I currently reside within either. It is because of this whores refusal to stop using these means to electronically connect herself to us even though we sought asylum against her and do NOT want her electronically connected to us means that she must be forced to stop doing so and mere words telling her to stop have proven themselves unsuccessful in achieving the cessation necessary and therefore she must be forced to quit doing so by means which include but is not necessarily limited to the literal removal of the associated electrical wires and associated electrical devices which regulate them from her possession so that she literally no longer has access to the equipment. Even further, this very same whore and her family members and accomplices continue to refuse to quit using the specially calibrated electronic cell phone as a P. A. Microphone to speak to others in our presence as we walk around town experiencing the moments and activities of our day and we repeatedly insisted that the woman and her family and company quit doing so and because of their refusal to quit doing so these electronic devices also must be taken away from them so that they no longer have access to anything that would allow them the ability to do so. The spectrum being used to speak to the public at large seen within my presence is the very same spectrum AOL is known to be using as their platform and instant messenger and is therefore being electronically transmitted across an open-circuit and is therefore quite easily eavesdropped upon to overhear the woman’s comments to the public at large which are often so offensive that everyone hearing her realizes that the situation must be addressed to a complete cessation of the woman’s illegal activities and repeated verbiage to the public at large. This aforementioned whore is the loosest, most filthy and disgusting woman we have ever had the displeasure of encountering and we do NOT want her connected to us and OUR living bodies and we do NOT want her and her family using us to speak to the public at large to the literal degree that the soul and his people and I have legally sought asylum against the woman and her family and accomplices and company and do NOT want them and or their connection and or verbiage and or activities in our lives. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, February 14, 2019

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