February 25, 2019 (5927-02252019)

Regarding John Hinckley Jr. Conscientiously I notice; 

In the event that it is known that he acted in the defense of the “Lord,” then no matter what the pages of history says about him today, the pages of history of the tomorrows of the Earth will refer to him as a “hero.”

Although I have personal knowledge that the ancient sect of men (the “Christ” people) and the soul we all are (the alive living universal conscientious of all that is) had already made the decision to defend and protect me as the “Crowned One” of this day (this day being the era of the period of time I lived as a mortal man of the Homo sapiens species) in further defense I could also add that his decision to do as he did further afforded the soul and his people the ancient sect of men nearly two to three calendar years additional time before finding it necessary to ward off further executive action against me which had the effect of giving me that same amount of additional time to live in innocence without the threat of hurt and or harm which because of the events of the time period AFTER that additional time ended throughout this very day today more than thirty-five calendar years later, I find that I can only be thankful for having.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, February 25, 2019

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