Monday, March 19, 2019 (5929-03192019)

In much the very same as the AOL company executive did to me 2008, the local Asylum Seeker Center whom I went to seeking help in finding employment contacted me today Monday March 19, 2019 advising me that they had closed my file and that I should come back in and have it reopened. They then called right back within a mere minute advising me that they wouldn’t be reopening my file again.

I went to these people of the Asylum Seeker Center at 43 Bedford Street Newtown NSW innocently seeking help to find me employment at which time they asked me to go through an interview with their legal team which I agreed to do. I sat through an hour-long meeting with a representative of their legal team during the 1:30PM through 2:30PM hour of the day of Wednesday, February 20, 2019 in which I told the legal team representative the absolute truth of every question that he ask of me including who and what I am known to be and why it was that I sought asylum and the man I spoke to (Mitchell) knew I was telling the truth because all throughout the entirety of the sixty minutes of the meeting the harlot using the specifically calibrated electronic cell phone repeatedly stated rude and offensive defamation of my character identifying herself as an FBI agent in charge of the situation telling him I was crazy and should be locked up in a mental institution and that my asylum request was not true and would never be granted even though the executive order to termanate my life is known by every government and media all across the earth, and virtually all the truly famous, many of who have literal songs in which the words are direct testimony of this fact, and she further asserted things such as that I was a queer that loved to shove dildos up my asshole and that because she was the FBI agent in charge she was advising him that they could not help me at all, virtually all of which, erroneously or not, suggest to the listener in each and every situation of the same that she is defaming my character and insisting that they could not help me as an agent of the US federal government even though all she stated to him and just the fact that she was able to do so from somewhere else using a specifically calibrated electronic device across my flesh and bone bodily aura insist to anyone astute enough to realise so, that my story to him was in fact the truth. At the time I left the hour-long meeting, the man (Mitchell) promised me that the center would contact me and advise me if and how they could help me but to my dismay, I never again heard anything from them at all until today when the above two noted contacts were made. These people closed my file without ever bothering to even advise me that they wouldn’t help and I am to this very day still homeless and in need of work and this situation is but one in a series of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of situations of the very same which exemplifies the dire need to shut this woman down and take her equipment away from her and provide the protection against her and her family the grant of asylum would provide so we can live our lives in peace without further harassment and bother by someone such as this broad professing to be an FBI agent using a specifically calibrated electronic microphone across my living aura to defame my character telling people I’m crazy and that they can’t look at and or speak to and or befriend and or have sex with and or help me in any way and it really is important to do this on behalf of the soul and his people and I because it really is in part because of people such as these people whom profess to be there for those seeking asylum in need of help and others of all walks of life like them that have also heard the harlot’s verbal defamation defaming my character whom are upon hearing her become too afraid to go out on a limb to believe my unfathomable story to help which has repeatedly left me in situations such as the current situation of homelessness and destitution that I am currently in. This harlot whore and her family and the jennet woman and her family can NOT be allowed the freedom to continue doing this to the soul and his people and I and all those of you watching need to find a way to stand up and stop it instead of simply looking the other way.

The soul and his people and I don’t support and or aid those funding and or shielding in any way the woman and her family doing this to us.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, March 19, 2019

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