March 23, 2019 (5931-03232019)

I am being illegally stopped from engaging in sexual intercourse with consenting adults of my own choosing by the harlot woman (the mother of the man named Dominic) and the jennett woman and their respective families using specifically calibrated electronic devices and equipment against my will. I suffered four calendar years of this situation upon American soil, two calendar months of the situation on South African soil, another two months of the same situation on New Zealand soil, and after nearly a year on Australian soil I have suffered the very same situation from Sydney to Melbourne to Perth to Melbourne to Sydney and just can’t find a single solitary friend and or sexual companion anywhere and the only common denominator is the harlot and the jennett woman and their respective companies known to be the cowards sent to harm me whom have illegally stalked and repeatedly victimized the soul and his people and I me every place we have been for the last thirty calendar years and as the four corners of the globe in which we live I can affirm I am extremely unhappy about it and I want justice and accountability because of it and whatever occurs as the result will be upon all those that fund and or support and or shield in any way these two women and their families and their unwanted and unwelcome companies. Because of these two women and their families and their unwanted and unwelcome companies I will be pleasing myself this evening so unless you a man’s man with a big set of junk stay the fuck away from me. Oh and by the way, stop the act of infringing upon my homosexuality by bringing your damn straight people around me in the damn gay bar.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, March 23, 2019

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