March 30, 2019 (5932-03302019)

The woman illegally stalking me attempting forcing me into the servitude of her meet me company has been deliberately and intentionally displacing the true and reputable gay people in the gay bar by literally telling them to leave the bar in order to replace them inside the gay bar with straight women and straight couples a this angers me as it is unfair to the gay people that want to be around other gay people and I know so as I AM a gay man and we all go to the gay bars to meet and be with other gay people and Not straight women and or couples. If we gay people wanted to be around straight people we would go to the straight bar Like straight people do. Gay bars are created so that gay people can have a place to mingle with other gay people NOT straight people. Straight bars are for straight people. Straight people are not comfortable when gay men go into their bars and look at the straight men and their women and irrelevant of whether they openly say anything about it or not gay people are not comfortable when straight people come in and litter up the bar as straight people have a different mindset from gay people, they don’t party together the same as gay people, they mess up the ambience of the bar with attitudes no one wants to suffer through, they spill their drinks recklessly and they don’t handle themselves appropriately while out and about amongst liquor and other members of the public at large and if this bitch isn’t stopped from bringing straight people into the gay bars I frequent I’m going to lash out at the straight people because if it. I don’t believe in segregation and I’m not a bigot but the gay bars are for GAY people NOT straight ones. Straight people that care about gay people should respect the gay people by staying OUT of the gay bars and by instead finding a straight bar to go to so the gay people and mingle with others of the same feather just like gay people stay away from the straight bars. Straight people that DON”T care about gay people should stay the fuck away from us altogether.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday March 30, 2019

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