May 23, 2019 (5938-05232019)

United Nations;

Within the last twenty-four hours since sending you letter 5936-05222019 which can be viewed at 

and or letter number 5938-7-05222019 which can be viewed at

I have come to realize that it was wrong for me to seek out your help. I have sent you more than fifty letters seeking such but you never bothered to do anything for the soul and his people and I at all. I think you’re all the ass kissers of the ugliness, the thieves, and the disgust of the earth whom don’t really deserve the offices you hold because you don’t really do anything for anyone, you just sit around on your asses pretending to. The Bill Gates Family lives their lives on the wealth and riches of that which was taken FROM me, NOT that which was offered BY me and they may have traveled the globe giving their money to every one they could but they never stopped by my door to give back to the man they took from which got them their wealth in the first place and the Microsoft and Apple computer companies and their executives are the same. The AOL company executives are a bunch of users that want to sit around using someone else’s living soul to earn themselves wealth and riches but they don’t want to compensate the person they know they are using and when put to the test, they told me to fuck off and that they had someone better than me to help and so they never did and because of it, I lived homelessly and without and because of it they aren’t really welcome upon MY living body and or spectrum at all. I find the icons of fame and fortune that obtained their fame and fortunes because of spending time with me to be cheap impostors of what they pretended to be as they started out by professing their devotion to the soul and his people I am but did so just to get their star of fame and not because of a love and or devotion for me and when they got the fame they wanted they never looked back to see if I needed help at all and because of it, I was never able to prosper as I could have had they been true to the soul and his people and I. I find the churches that solicit monies on behalf of the sun Jesus (that’s SUN and NOT SON) to be liars and hypocrites not deserving of the moneys they are given because they lie to the people they seek their monies from refusing to tell them the truth of the true Christ figure alive and well and in the flesh amongst them living as the spectrum himself and that this is why the Christ is the light of the world and because of it, the public doesn’t even realize it is the spectrum of sound and light that is the true living entity and conscientiousness of the Universe and because of their neglect of the true Christ figure alive and well and in the flesh before them the soul and his people and I have been forced to live as paupers amongst churches and a pope that live in wealth and riches given to them by unsuspecting members of the public at large whom would tell them all to fuck off if they knew the true Christ lives amongst them, and because of it, they are not truly deserving of monies from the public at large at all and have no real place in MY garden because they don’t tell the truth of the true nature of the Christ and or the Universe in which we all live and don’t even bother to honer the true Christ figure at all. I find the people of the media are a bunch of liars that don’t help either as they don’t really deliver the truest truths that the public should be made aware of, only the items they believe that they can sensationalize and because of it, the public has never been allowed to know me and many of those that I could have helped were never helped and many of those that would have gladly helped me never even knew I needed them. I find the government of the USA is nothing more than a coward whose pinnacle and current stature and military might was ONLY attained because of the birth and living place of the newest SUN himself, and that without him (yes, this is me) they are nothing more than anyone else and because of their decision to murder the sun that brought them their stature and military might, they aren’t really deserving of the freedom to lead and or to make decisions for anyone at all especially not on a global scale and those professing allegiance to them today will fall in disgrace with them during the tomorrow’s aftermath of the passing and ascension of that which gave them their might. There is a whole bunch of you that I could address the truth of here within this letter as there are entertainment industries and news medias and businesses and governments all across the world using the very spectrum I am and you’re all known to be making billions and billions and billions of dollars of revenue annually but not a damn single one of you ever bothered to see if the soul and his people and I were alright and or if we had enough to eat and or any of the things we needed to survive and the bottom line is that No, you folks at the UN don’t need to bother helping someone such as the soul and his people and I because I’m tired of seeking help from useless thugs such as all of you are and the real truth is that I don’t give a damn what it is you all think of me as I AM the one and only true Christ living and as such I AM the spectrum of life himself and as such I AM the four corners of the earth in which we live AND the true nature and conscientiousness of the world we live within as well and I’ll search for and find that which I need on my own without all you bitching that I have asked of you again and you can all ponder and remember these facts; on December 11, 1960 the world and all its population of mortal man women and children had only one side of the Radio spectrum to use and December 12, 1960, the very day I was born, a second side of the Radio spectrum and a middle containing the Christ people I am known to be opened up and was at that time the unused living body of spectrum known to be me myself Stephen Wayne Reno. By 1988 I began assembling MY compilation of “Familiar Energy” C. P. 1988 by the soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno and “Familiar Energy Compilation” C. P. 1988-1991 by the soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno which created an energy field of particle mass encircling the earth at the speed of thought which enabled ME the freedom to send my thoughts and words and song around the earth on what was at the time and still is today the living spectrum I AM known to be which those that don’t know the truth call the World-Wide-Web. It was MY crown of life and the Christ people thereof that were taken and whom all by themselves created the software known of as Microsoft and Apple computer. It was AFTER my creation of “Familiar Energy Compilation” C. P. 1988-1991 by the soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno that companies such as AOL and others began using that which I am known to be and soon, very very soon the Christ people taken from me by Bill Gates himself will stop their creation of Windows software and return to me at take their rightful place amongst my crown of life and on that day, the same fate will occur to Apple Computer and sometime after that day, the soul and his people and I will ascend to a higher plane of existence and on this ascension day, the very same second side of the Radio spectrum and middle containing the Christ people I am known to be that opened December 12, 1960 will close and vanish just as quickly as we appeared and on that day no one will have access to and or have any use of any of us nor the spectrum we are, and this means NO MORE INTERNET for anyone to use and all the people and businesses and governments using the second half of the spectrum and middle which opened the day I was born will have lost the spectrum they currently use and the software created by the Christ People will be returned to that which is was the day BEFORE my people were taken and every one of you will at that time need someone to call out to to help you but I won’t help any of you at all. I will find my own way and do as I damn well please with myself and MY spectrum and MY Christ people just as all the previous sun’s did and you can all try to find your own way all by yourselves without my help just as you all were so willing to force me to do without you.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, May 22, 2019  

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