May 28, 2019 (5939-05282019)

Hungry Jacks Restaurants; Because of a woman illegally stalking me everywhere I go passing herself off as an agent of the government of the USA asserting that she is attempting to carry out an executive order to terminate my life as the newest “Immanuel” on behalf of the US federal government that drafted the executive order to do so, I am being given bad and lessor quality food at at least three of your local to Sydney restaurants including but not limited to the Circular Quay location at E1 Albert St. as well as the Town Hall location located at the corner of Pitt and Park streets. The woman is known by the government of the nation to have illegally stalked me to both restaurant locations at which time she identified herself to the restaurant employees advising them I was numerous bad things including but not limited to a wife beater that left her and her children homeless, that I am a gay man, that I am simply a bad person, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and that she would identify me when I arrived by the use of an unseen, but loudly heard Public Address microphone in which she asserts at the time I walk up to order “this is the one I was telling you about” at which time I am then deliberately singled out by your employees and then given bad and or lessor quality food because of the tales of rubbish she has told them of me. You folks at hungry jack may not recognize my name but I guarantee that an entire calendar year after the very same woman did the very same to me at McDonalds, their people do and you may not be willing to believe that a single unknown man such as me could affect your day to day operations and or your stock pricing and or sales and or your local and or national sales figures but I guarantee that if you don’t find a way to stop your employees from being stupid enough to do illegal things such as this to me and very possibly others as well simply because some stupid bitch walks up and tells them a sob story then you’re going to find out just who I really am and what I can do rising up against a food chain such as yours and if I get the opportunity to take you to court for employing such careless people that would stoop to such a degree as to do this kind of thing to someone’s food I’ll take a whole big bunch of your money away from you too. You may not know of me or recognize my name but McDonalds does and so to do the governments and news medias and the truly famous of each and every nation. My name is Stephen Wayne Reno, and this  

is the URL where Iv published this letter and the very next time this happens to me at one of your restaurants because your employees are willing to listen to some stupid bitch’s lies to the degree that they would then contaminate someone’s food just for her then I’ll stop at nothing to affect your businesses in every way I can. You can find the true identity of the known guilty criminal by contacting your state government, the local media, or the Australian Federal Police conveying this letter along with my name and someone will tell you who she is, and, that she belongs in a state or federal prison and NOT allowed to walk the city streets free. The location I visited and got the bad food from today Tuesday, May 28, 2019 was the circular quay location during the 2PM hour of the day.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, May 28, 2019 

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