June 07, 2019 (5940-06072019)

Now, you know because of this 


Which was originally published on the day of June 10, 2018, that the government of the state of California  knew how important the paltry $103.00 US Dollars was to me (paltry because the states use of the web and spectrum I am known to be by and for their government portals and business, their state military and federal military outpost stationed there, their state’s business community, their state’s entertainment industry, and even the state’s population of members of the public at large is one of the USA’s  largest users of the web and spectrum I am known to be and to have opened the day I was born and all they provided to me was the monthly sum of $103.00 US Dollars which is paltry in exchange for that which they have been getting away with using the last twenty five calendar years) but even though they knew of the immensity of the importance of the money to me at a time when I am in need of new shoes but have no monies to by any, new trousers but have no moneys to buy any, various living and grooming supply’s but have no monies to buy all that I need, food items which I haven’t sufficient monies to buy enough of to have a full stomach, and even housing which I cannot truly afford but suffered the first four months of this year (2019) homeless and don’t want to suffer the cold of winter sleeping in a cardboard box so I spend the money anyway which always leaves me without something I need, and recreation which I have no monies at all for, once again the soul and his people and I have noticed that the state of California has decided to stop providing the payment of the paltry sum of $103.00 US dollars which leaves me in the situation of being destitute and without. I am currently unable to find gainful employment because of the hear me speak woman whom I legally sought asylum against illegally victimizing the soul and his people and I illegally using a specifically calibrated electronic cell phone device as a PA microphone to assert rude and offensive things to everyone she sees are around me as she illegally spies upon my daily activities via an ATT phone line which has prevented me from being employed as well as preventing me from getting reputable help from any reputable agency such as Sydney asylum Centre whom she told not to help me and the nation I’m in tells me I am not eligible for their help and the loss of the $103.00 US Dollars leaves me destitute. The sentiment I expressed about the situation within the above noted letter during the time it was published is still the same today but even more, while perhaps offensive to some, I’d like to notice that because there are so very many people all around the world wanting some form of help from, and, or, wanting to use something I am, combined with the fact that there are so very few minutes of the day to worry about everyone all across the earth, perhaps the state of California and the government thereof should look for a way to provide time for all of the above noted “California” entities upon someone else’s spectrum and web as the spectrum I am the true embodiment of which is the Radio Spectrum which includes the half known prior to December 12, 1960 as well as the half I am known to have opened being born as a mortal man of the species and all of the world-wide-web have needs of our own to concern ourselves with throughout the moments of our day and therefore, since we are currently away, we probably won’t be able to make time for the needs of all the above noted “California” entities within the state of California USA during the mere 24 hours available to us per each calendar day and therefore we’ll just have to wait and see where each of the above noted “California” entities fall upon the global list of people needing us and or that which we are during the moments of the day that we have left AFTER fending for our own needs and I guess the message is “you get what you pay for.”

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, June 07, 2019

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