June 27, 2019 (5945-06272019)

This letter is directed to the family of Elizabeth 11 monarch of Great Britten, The President of the USA and his government, the Prime Minister of the nation of Australia and his government, the Pope and his clergy of the Roman Catholic Church, and is presented via the media and a publicly viewable post upon my personal Blog upon WordPress; 

I am aware of the facts contained within the revelations of Fatima and that they were truthfully delivered by the embodiment of the spectrum by the colors Blue and White. I am aware that the whore was sent to prevent the rise of the sun said to gain prominence in a Disco more than thirty-five calendar years ago. 

I have just today noticed yet another criminal burglary of my personal storage space which I personally rented and pay for myself in which the seal of the packaging of a tube of toothpaste has been opened and the toothpaste within very probably tampered with mere days after a personal examination of it and the seal which was sealed was made by myself in front of the Christ people witnessing as well as by everyone looking through my eyes at the time. 

If you all don’t stop procrastinating and reach out to whoever you need to to stop this bitch and her family from their continued crime of illegally stalking me around town and stop her from contacting others regarding me and stop her use of the specifically calibrated electronic Public Address microphone she uses to speak to others she sees through my eyes are within my presents and prevent her from committing the criminal burglaries of my personal storage and housing and whatever locked spaces of any type whatsoever and stop her deliberate tampering of my property and personal belongings no matter what it is and or where it is I may have left it and make her stop pretending to have authority over me and force her to leave the soul and his people and I alone and get her and her company disconnected and removed from my body and the entirety of my domain of spectrum I am going to become so overwhelmingly hateful about it that I am going to rise and start a war against each and every one of you to the degree that I will seek out each and every one of your enemies and help THEM along their way by whatever means I can including but not limited to disseminating information that will topple your families, your governments, and your churches, and the lives you’re all used to living and in your shame of allowing this to befall me, either you and or those that topple and replace you will do so for me so that the soul and his people and I can then live the remainder of our lives in peace without her and her family and company, Period. 

I am a gay man. I am a Homosexual of the Homo sapiens species and I was created to be such by the creator of the earth and shall live as one no matter who likes it or doesn’t. I further don’t want any part of the deliberate placement of peoples of the public at large upon street corners to eavesdrop upon my movements across town which I know you all see looking through my eyes and in fact don’t want any part of the meet me endeavor where people are solicited to walk past and or to stand in front of me pretending they don’t know I’m there at all and if you don’t stop it it will result in violence erupting everywhere it is allowed to occur because I’m tired of it and don’t want it around me, period. The whore and her family are NOT welcome in our lives, and are NOT welcome to use the soul and his people and I as their meal ticket and are NOT welcome to connect to and or to conduct their business upon my spectrum at all. 

The message here is stop the woman’s talking to others via the P.A. microphone. Stop the woman’s burglaries of my property. Stop the woman’s illegal activities and crimes against us or your replacements will. 

From this day forth I will live as that which I was created to be whether any of you like it or not, period.

Catholicism is advised with this letter either tell the truth about the lord and all of the enlightened ones or be removed during the Passover and those that rise up and replace you will.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, June 27, 2019 

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