July 02, 2019 (5946-07022019)

The woman touting the “hear-me-speak” company as her claim to fame is refusing to quit speaking to members of the public surrounding me. This is but one of the women that was sent to prevent the sun from rising and is known to be a murder. This is also the woman that prevented me from having friendships, sexual relations with others, from getting financial help from reputable agencies, from finding gainful employment to help myself, and even from being able to file a police report for due process against a burglar criminally stalking and repeatedly victimizing me and my belongings and a whole slew of other human rights and civil liberties violations that should have netted her a permanent home in a state prison facility and even more that I haven’t disclosed here. This woman is no relation to me and has no authority over me at all and is known to be one of those sent to prevent me from being known as the sun and even to murder me by the US federal government and her repeated verbal interjections to others I am involved with is known to be hateful, harmful, and derogatory and very unwanted and unwelcome and I have done everything I could to get anyone at all to take the woman equipment away from her so she can’t bother the soul and his people and I anymore but because no one will intervene against her, and because of her refusal to quit victimizing us this way the soul and his people and I have grown so very tired of the woman refusing to quit interjecting rude and offensive statements about me to others that are innocently interacting with and or around me that I am advising the following; on the day of September 11, 2018 the soul and his people and I submitted a formal application for a grant of asylum against not only the government of the USA for the executive order to terminate my life, but also against the US entertainment industry for the human rights violation of enlisting the aid of this woman to illegally stop me from being allowed the freedom to have sexual relations with other consenting adults, and also from the US business community of businesses such as Microsoft and Apple computer that stole from me and are illegally using stolen intellectual and inspirational property stolen from me to earn billions of dollars annually but never compensated me for the theft of property that enabled their fortunes to be made, and even companies such as AOL whom believe that it’s alright to force themselves and their company business upon my personal spectrum without compensating me for my worth to their company AND, very importantly, I ALSO filed for a grant of asylum against the jennet woman and her family and their “Hear-me-speak” company as well as the whore and her son Dominic and their “roses” company, both of whom are known murders that were sent to murder me. 

Now, I’m very pleased to be in and living in Sydney Australia and this is why I filed for the grant of asylum here as I did and I really don’t want to leave but in the event that the nation of Australia and or its government and or the monarch of Elizabeth 11 are unwilling to allow me the freedom to live my life without these two women and their companies illegally speaking to everyone I meet defaming my character and preventing me from being able to have friendships and sexual relations with others and or to innocently live my life without them and their companies repeatedly violating my human rights and civil liberties and without the woman’s repeated unwanted and unwelcome verbal assaults and interjections every time I interact with someone, then my next move will be to recognize that the nation and or its government and or monarch will not allow me the freedom to live without these two women victimizing me and therefore my need will be to seek out another nation someplace OUTSIDE the five eyes that will then formally guarantee me that I can live within their nation WITHOUT the two women and their companies so as to restore my human rights and enable me the freedom to live without these two whores pretending to have authority over me, and then make the move to that nation wherever it may be upon the planet in which we all live, and in doing so, I will then alter the balance of power across the earth to reflect my move outside of and away from the five eyes entities so that they no longer have any voice about anything I do so as to prevent them from continuing to force this woman and her company and Public Address microphone upon us against our will OUTSIDE their respective nations, and while the vast majority of the public at large will most likely never know the difference, in needing to do this, my doing so WILL increase global tensions across the earth, and while this rise in global tensions may not show up in the price of tomatoes you put upon your dinner table, it WILL undoubtedly disrupt the various stock markets across the globe especially within the technology departments and may in fact incur a tariff to access the web depending upon the need of the nation granting me the guarantee to live without these two women and their companies and while this stock market disruption and possible tariff to access the web will probably not cause your children to notice anything any different, it WILL cause an uneasiness amongst internet service providers and all associated internet based companies AND will absolutely undoubtedly disrupt the peace and stability within all the various regions of the world that currently enjoy peace and stability, and I know so as I WILL alter the balance of power away from the five eyes regions of the world in my move away from them and this change WILL in fact give way to a disruption of peace and stability all across the globe within the various regions that currently enjoy peace and stability, so while there is no easy way to assert my message, the bottom line is, you can all ignore my letters denouncing these two women and their families and their unwanted and unwelcome business being forced upon my indigenous spectrum from now until hell freezes over, but if you continue to do so without intervening against these two woman and fail to force them to QUIT speaking to others about me and force them to disconnect themselves and let go of the soul and his people and I and quit attempting to force their unwanted and unwelcome business upon my eyes and crown and remaining flesh and bone body and personal indigenous spectrum, then ultimately, I am going to become extremely angered about their refusal to quit bothering and violating my human rights and civil liberties and do as I have stated above and if you all ignore the situation until I chose to do this, then EVERYONE will be hostile and angry about it and want all those that ignored my letters replaced with those that won’t, so you all take your pick, get this bitch and her family and company OFF my spectrum and out of our lives and force her and her family to leave us alone, OR, I will find another place upon the bountiful earth to live that will. 

Anyone anywhere that doesn’t believe that this woman is doing this to me can very simply prove to themselves and others that she is by simply walking up to me on any street corner in town to say hello and or to act interested in being with me and then listen to the words she says the moment she sees you approaching me as she spends every waking moment of her day illegally spying upon my every move and goes out of her way to stop and offend everyone displaying any interest in me whatsoever. The soul and his people and I sought asylum against this woman and her family and their company as well as she is known to have been sent by the US federal government to murder me and this is why the US federal government gave her the specifically calibrated electronic devices she is using so as to enable her the ability to do so and this is why asylum against her was sought after and why providing such is appropriate. This is also the very same woman illegally connecting various electrical items which are methamphetamine drug related to my face and eyes which repeatedly swell and disfigure the aesthetic appearance of my face and eyes which everyone looking through my eyes sees every day of the week but which no one ever bothers to stop her from doing to me and you can all believe that this is a bunch of bullshit but my need is to be free to live without this woman and her family and their business, period. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, July 02, 2019

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