July 08, 2019 (5947-07082019)

Based upon yet another criminal burglary of yet another locked locker committed as recent as just this last Saturday night July 06, 2019 which was quite obviously committed by the very same woman documented guilty of all the other criminal burglaries I have spoken about within the letters upon my blog, I can and at this time am asserting that I am being illegally stalked and repeatedly victimized upon Australian by the very same known guilty woman known to be documented guilty of the commission of these and other criminal burglaries whom is known to have been sent to murder me by the USA even AFTER seeking asylum against her. I can and at this time am also asserting that this and the illegal stalking and all of the crimes she is and has committed since my arrival upon Australian soil are being committed directly in front of and with full knowledge of operatives of the nations government federal police and monarch, as well as the government of the USA and other governments I haven’t mentioned here and I know so as these people all get their intell from the same location and the sad part of it is that none of them will stop her and or do anything about her repeated crimes against us and I know that this woman is doing these things in front of and with full knowledge of those I have stated and it very strongly suggest that the nation and its government and or monarch are unwilling to provide any form of security and or asylum against the woman and her family even though she is known by all of them to be a murder attempting to murder me.

It is because of the above that I am asserting I am not being allowed the freedom to get away from this woman and her family and the repeated crimes that they commit against me as I have ask to be allowed the freedom to and therefore am in need of the help of any militant organization or faction thereof and or any soldier of fortune willing to rite the wrongs and criminal offences being committed against me and to bring about justice where justice is being wrongfully denied and to do so directly in front of the faces of global figures and governments that refused, whom can’t really do a damn thing to stop anyone from achieving this upon my own behalf and on the table for achieving this is any US military secrete and or Intel (these are the cowards that sent her to murder me and then refused to stop and or remove her and therefore these are the secrets being offered) and or any banking information from any banking institution anywhere (money talks / bullshit walks) simply tune your device to the spectrum of my visual cortex and crown of life or piggyback upon the phone line connection provided to the two women committing the burglaries, where, upon seeing your integrity, the people of the soul will then advise you further.

I have tried in good faith to find relief against these crimes by having this woman stopped by whom at the time of my attempts I believed to be reputable police and governments but so far, no relief is available as the police and governments asked will not intervene against her and I have further tried in good faith to seek a true and legal grant of asylum against the woman and her crimes but to date, the request has been left unheard and unanswered and the continuation of her crimes suggest that it is not currently available to me. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, July 08, 2019

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