August 01, 2019 (5952-08012019)

To the nations of Iraq, Iran, Palestine, and all you others within the region I further assert; while I AM with this letter adding MY voice to the cessation of sanctioning and ugliness being applied and or directed towards the children of the east because of the fact that they too want just the same for their families as everyone else, I will also acknowledge that the truth of the situation is that the children of the east are simply not cared for by the peoples of the west whom are currently suffering their leadership as being that of the Americas whom doesn’t care for the children of the east because of the God they praise and we know so as I myself am a living and vibrant part of that God and I too have for more than forty calendar years been the victim and the target of the west’s repeated attempts at murdering me as well, and as unfortunate as I myself know it to be, the United Nations and its Human Rights departments are merely puppets for the Americas whom don’t really do anything to help anyone at all including me myself whom has repeatedly petitioned them each and every one to force a cessation of hatred and hostilities being levied at me by the woman known of as the whore and her personal aides which include the jennet woman and her family and all those that fund their illegal activities against us known to be stalking us as their prey with intent of murdering me under the provisions of a US led drive to terminate my life, but whom (the UN and its human rights divisions) continue to this very day refusing to do anything on my behalf at all. It is because of this current situation that at this time I need to assert that what is truly best for ALL of the peoples of the east is to let go of your personal bigotries of each other long enough no matter how hard it is for you to do, to stand up and sit yourselves down at whatever table is available to you to work out your troubles TOGETHER YOURSELVES as help from the west and or the UN and its human rights departments will probably never come and within the next few years the soul and his people and I will be taking our leave which will leave the west and all its allies bankrupt and without and in need of help themselves and it is at this time, and during the first five calendar years after my passing that the west will find need to recall its militaries from the four corners of the globe back to the nations that sent them so as to care for and protect their own, and during the first approximate thirty five calendar years after I have passed that the world will be attempting to rebuild itself amidst the suffering of the fate which was started by the soul within the revelations foretold BY the same soul deliberately hidden by the Roman Catholic Church and its clergy as the revelations of Fatima and it is during this thirty five yearlong period of time that the east will be free to stand up and be whatever it is that you each chose to be with an EQUAL voice as all others as it is during this period of time that the balance of power will be restored EQUALLY amongst ALL the nations of the garden we live and all those of you in the east that survive the Passover will be free to live in a world without ugliness towards the god you chose to praise and it because of the truths stated here that I again assert to all of you, and indeed to everyone all across the globe that it is during this Passover that all of the bigotries towards Homosexuality will be removed so that the one that comes after me will have the freedom to live in a world free of the ugliness and hatred of that which we each were created to be whether anyone of the species named Homo sexual likes it or not. 

Believe it or not, like it or not, this IS the word of the lord. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, August 01, 2019

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