August 12, 2019 (5953-08122019)

I am being deliberately denied the freedom to have friendships and sexual relations with anyone of my own choosing and in fact am being denied the freedom to do literally anything at all without the illegal supervision of a woman known to be an agent of the US federal government using a telephone line to my eyes and visual cortex provided by the government of the USA as her means to illegally spy upon and stalk me everywhere I go as well as a specifically calibrated Public Address Microphone across AOL instant messenger which she uses to defame my character and publicly humiliate me in scores and entire crowds of others she sees are around me as well as to illegally stop me from having sexual relations and friendships with other consenting adults as well as to stop others she sees are around me from looking at and or talking to me and is even known to be using the very same specifically calibrated Public Address Microphone across AOL instant messenger spectrum to stop others from all walks of life from helping me in any way, a woman whom is not only repeatedly attempting to falsely dictate to others that she is in constant authority over what I myself can and can’t do but whom is also repeatedly falsely professing to others around me that she has the legal authority to dictate to others what THEY THEMSELVES can and can’t do with (me) and or around me even though I have left the USA and am upon the soil of another nation legally seeking asylum against not only the government of the nation she is an agent of, but also the woman and her family as well whom according to the law doesn’t have any real authority over anyone at all and in fact doesn’t even have the appropriate visa to conduct any business activity within the nation of Australia at all and to compound the situation I am being further victimized in my very own home (the current hostel dorm I currently reside within) by the very same woman and members of her own and another’s family that are illegally vandalizing the building and defaming my character to everyone that comes to stay their whom is not only being allowed the freedom to do these aforementioned crimes against me by the government of the nation refusing to intervene against her but whom is also being allowed the freedom to illegally stalk me around town to illegally burglarize my personal storage lockers such as the private storage locker at a local gay sauna this last Saturday night August 10, 2019 as well as a personally rented storage locker in Alexandria NSW which I tried to file a police report about but was denied the right to due process about because she told the police she was a FBI agent targeting her kill, as well as my personal bedding and belongings stored within the local hostel dorm I am known to be staying within and all of this is being allowed by the government of the nation I have sought asylum within which proves the government has chosen to allow the woman the freedom to repeatedly victimize the soul and his people and I these ways but whom is not willing to allow the soul and his people and I the freedom to do anything at all without her personal supervision of each and every activity as if I were being held hostage by the government of the nation and their illegal operatives from the USA known to be illegally acting within the nation and the people from the human rights divisions of the United Nations have had six calendar years to stop this woman and her illegal crimes against us and the sexual deprivation she causes too but are nothing but puppets for the Americas that don’t do anything for anyone without US approval and I am fed up with the situation, the repeatedly burglaries of which has turned me against and severed my relationship with the government of Australia and the monarch of Elizabeth 11 and because of this still ongoing situation I am advising that this situation is to be stopped because of it isn’t the soul and his people and I will take your damn fucking software and your damn fucking I phone away from you and level the stock market when we do and if it becomes necessary we will take the web away from you to stop the two women too and if it becomes anymore obvious that we aren’t welcome in Australia then we will find another nation to go to and if this be the case then there better not be so much as a single solitary government anywhere complaining about it or turning us away because if you do, from all four corners of the globe I will rise against every single one of you and your children and families so you all remember each and every moment of the day that I AM the spectrum called Radio and each and every one of you and your families are forced to live among the spectrum I am and if you don’t like living with me then the spectrum called Radio doesn’t like being with you and if this be the case it will be YOU that leaves the Earth as the Earth is MY garden not yours and if you can’t live with me then you won’t live in the garden as I am the spectrum of conscientiousness permeating this earth and the spectrum I am will remove you each and every one and you may not believe so today but when the Passover hits and you and your family members are dropping dead right in front of each other you will remember I am the spectrum living here and that I sought out your help against this bitch and her damn family and you chose not to help and so I chose not to help you as well and you all remember that no matter how easy it is for you to hide from me as a mortal man there isn’t anywhere for you to hide from the spectrum I am and very soon the little short harlot whore using the PA microphone is going to drop dead and when she does you all get a really good look at the autopsy report and how her guts were ripped apart from the inside out and remember MY army did this to her because of her crime of murdering my dog and if they were willing to do this to her for murdering our beloved they will do so to you and your family members too. I am so hateful because of the years and years and years of harassment and victimization by this bitch and her family I just want to level the entire species and start over with a different one so fuck you all for allowing this bitch the freedom to victimize the soul and his people and I these cruel and inhumane ways. It’s the AOL company she uses to electronically transmit her voice to the others she sees are around me and it is an ATT phone line she is using to illegally spy upon me and you may not believe so today but these two companies are to be removed from the earth as retribution for their tolerance of the woman victimizing me and if you all don’t get that damn harlot whore and her jennet woman family of friends electronically disconnected from my crotch and buttocks and remaining flesh and bone bodily aura and surrounding Radio spectrum I swear Ill destroy everything you and your families have and or want as we are tired of this bitch connecting herself to us with a wire she stuffs into her rectum and vagina.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, 12 August 2019

Irrelevant of the governments complacency regarding the two bitch’s, the two women I sought asylum against and their families do NOT belong in the environment I am staying within and according to the law are to be kept at a specific distance from me and everywhere I frequent but currently aren’t and are instead still illegally stalking and soliciting restaurateur’s to place life threatening contaminants in my food at local restaurants I am known to frequent which is known of as capital murder and the government of the Australia and its monarch have been looking the other way about this too but wouldn’t if their food were tampered with life threatening contaminants.

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