August 27, 2019 (5955-08272019)

Jesse Belle Deutschendorf, Anna Kate Denver, Zachary John Denver;

With complete irrelevance to my one and only previous letter discussing such which was written with extreme sadness and duress due to a false belief based upon something electronically asserted to me by a woman not worthy to have such but whom never the less wanted it for herself and was willing to lie to and even murder me to get it, the soul and his people and I would like the money John Denver willed us. He loved me and willed it to me of his own volition and without coercion and wanted me to have it. I adored him my whole life, I sang his songs to life from within the living rainbow he often sang about, and I would like very much to have the money, and the operating frequencies of windows software and the IPhone, alone with the clearing of the clouds above me as witnesses by people from all four corners of the globe to have occurred in Johannesburg, Auckland, and even all across the nation of Australia, as well as the members of a fifty plus year old entertainment industry faction of America that have sang songs about me my whole life whom he himself was a part of along with tens of thousands of other witnesses all across the globe proves to a world of people I AM the man he willed it to. We have asked that the Government of the United States of America under the leadership of Donald Trump to make it OK for you, the surviving members of his family, to do this for us on our behalf.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, August 27, 2019

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