August 29, 2019 (5957-08292019)

Jesse Belle Deutschendorf, Anna Kate Denver, Zachary John Denver;

I realize you haven’t had much time to ponder my request but I wanted to notice that if the operating frequency of windows software which was named such as short for “windows to the soul” which is a long way of saying “eyes” and the operating frequency of the IPhone which means the very same, isn’t enough to convince anyone that I AM the man he willed the money to, then perhaps knowing the operating frequency of the TV’s in use today which uses the Emerald aura I was born surrounded by exactly as the book of Revelation of the Holy Bible says he will come with, would be sufficient as proof. Of course, you guys could also very simply acknowledge that you know damn good and well from knowing me your entire lives that I truly AM the man he will it to which would alleviate the need for the research. By the way, whether you believe it or not, I really did adore him and the songs he sang are just as beautiful to me this very day today as the day he first sang them to me.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, 29 August 2019

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