Thursday, August 29, 2019 (5956-08292019)

This letter is directed to the global network of Television and Media communities; 

For more than a decade I have asserted that the world will no longer be capable of transmitting television programs for at least a year upon my passing and each of the times I asserted such was called a liar by the whore and the jennet woman. 

Perhaps you members of the media should check the operating frequency of the televisions in use today as well as the equipment used to transmit the TV signal as if you look you will notice that while its true TV was being transmitted before I was born, the day I was born the light I emanate was so brilliant that you could see me seemingly coming from inside the TV screen and in their desperate attempts at hiding the light I shine from the eyes of the public at large the way TV is transmitted was changed and so, the way TV of today works is by transmitting the TV signal in such a manner so as to use the Emerald aura known to be surrounding me as the backdrop of the program being watched which is how you get the two dimensional background and foreground effect without seeing me in the middle but when I pass the emerald aura known to be surrounding me collapses and meshes into the rest of the spectrum and thus will no longer available for television which leave the entertainment industry without a spectrum to transmit their television programs upon just as it will leave the world without an operating frequency for windows, the smart phone and all web related items, thus rendering each and every television in use today all across the globe along with each and every transmitter used to transmit programming in need of being re-calibrated to transmit upon and receive a different frequency within the remaining spectrum and this will take at least a calendar year to find and achieve and in the re-calibration you will notice that there is no longer a two dimensional background and foreground effect and instead a one dimensional surface meaning you will no longer have the freedom to create the two dimensional affects you currently enjoy today which basically means that I have in fact told you all the truth, and OH, by the way, irrelevant of whether or not I ask anyone for them, the deliberate and premeditated use of the spectrum I am as the backdrop of the TV programs being aired all across the globe means that I am legally entitled to at least some of the proceeds from all Television studios earning monies from their aired programming  literally all across the globe. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, 29 August 2019

By the way, the facts regarding the transmission of the Television programing which was deliberately done this way so as to prevent members of the public from being able to see the light I shine as they did when I was young as I stated in letter 5956-08292019 

proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that it was NOT the soul and his people and I being seen engaging in sexual intercourse but was in fact an FBI agent sent by the USA and employed by the Hollywood faction dealing with the sun electronically connecting herself directly to my flesh and bone bodily aura covering herself with a visible to the lens of a camera colored dye falsely pointing the finger at me which also clearly paves the way to prosecute the woman for rigging herself to do this upon public TV as well as to hold her responsible for the damage to all the entertainment industry’s lifetime works which are destroyed having her screwing herself in the middle of their recordings as well as to obtain punitive damages for the damage to my character she caused by lying. This also means that it is the whore and the jennet woman and her husband that should be stopped from having sex while online and NOT me. 

When the sun ascends, so too does the Emerald aura

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