August 31, 2019 (5958-08312019)

Jesse Belle Deutschendorf, Anna Kate Denver, Zachary John Denver;

If all I have already asserted to you still isn’t enough then how about looking at the operating frequency of AOL’s Instant Messenger as if you do & calibrate a device to transmit & receive this frequency you can reach me from anywhere in the world proving I AM the origin of this spectrum too. I currently have less than $75.00 U S dollars in my account & am not being aided by the AU gov whom tells me I am not eligible for their aide & although the U S Gov knows my worth to the nation & its business community & television broadcasting companies, I am being forced to live on $850.00 U S dollars per calendar month which is just barely enough for food & housing in the winter months but not in the spring & summer travel associated months. My shoes are more than a year old & I need replacing. I need new articles of clothing, monies for grooming supplies, monies for recreation, monies for better housing than I can currently afford & monies for a world of necessities but people like the Gates family & Microsoft & Apple computer were willing to steal from me to garner their own fortunes but were not willing to help me along my way & AOL & Microsoft & Apple & a world of other companies using me as their operating frequencies are more than willing to use me as a slave without compensation but are not willing to be there for me in times of need & so I live without most everything I need & virtually everything I want to have & really do need the gift he wanted me to have & gave me of his own volition.

The soul & his people & I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, August 31, 2019

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