October 23, 2019 (5960-10232019)

@IraqiGovt @KSAMOFA @Iran_GOV @ChinaEUMission @GovernmentRF @AJEnglish @SkyNews @UN @amnesty @HRW  I find that I am being repeatedly mistreated by the members of the public at large around me all throughout the nation of Australia as well as being denied the freedom to have friendships & sexual relations as well as help from reputable agencies because of repeated illegal activity being committed against me by the jennet woman & her family as well as the whore known to be connecting herself to my flesh & bone bodily aura via a wire she inserts into her rectum & vagina against my will, all of whom profess to be FBI from the USA as well as entertainment industry personnel doing a sex job, all of which is being condoned by the gov of the USA as well as AU at the behest of its monarch in which the illegal activity is being done by the two women & their family members using a specifically calibrated camera which they illegally connected to the spectrum of my visual cortex against my will & used to illegally spy upon my activities & I as well as a cell phone which was specifically calibrated to electronically transmit verbiage directly to the public at large as if I was a Bluetooth speaker she connected her phone to & is transmitting verbiage to the public around me instead of music & if this situation isn’t stopped then the soul & his people & I will be moving ourselves to another region outside the five eyes & in doing so we will alter the balance of power away from the five eyes allowing this victimization to occur & you have the opportunity to choose to be either friend or foe. If you chose to be friends then at minimum you will have a friend of the global & universal spectrum of life that can help you and your families along your way throughout all your lives & if you chose to be foe then at minimum I have an army of tiny people numbering in the billions of trillions of googles of them all throughout the spectrum that are the literal forces of nature whom can and will undermine your every endeavor while silently removing your family linage from all four corners of the globe simultaneously literally from the DNA itself & therefore you should pick very wisely as you will NOT have a second opportunity as we are tired of being mistreated by a FBI whore that has no legal authority over us nor anyone else at all. The soul and his people and I are tired of these two women and their families pretending to have authority over us and others around us and want to be left alone to live our lives WITHOUT them and the truly bottom line is that if you want to fuck someone over it had better be someone other than the soul and his people and I because we will NOT hesitate even for a moment to return the fuck over directly to you and your families too and if you think I am bluffing then go ahead and call my bluff.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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