October 23, 2019 (5961-10232019)

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I am being repeatedly victimized by a United States federal (FBI) agent acting illegally upon forging soil and the oval office refuses to intervene because of an executive order drafted by Ronald Regain to terminate my life as the newest Immanuel of the day and the government of the nation I am currently in also refuses to intervene against her because of the family of Elizabeth 11 telling them not to and so it is that because of our need to be freed from the grasp of these two women and their families (the jennet woman and the whore and both their family members) holding us as hostage professing to have authority over us and because of the government of the USA refusing to appropriately end the situation by stopping the two families and seizing their equipment, my offer to all those willing to help is; the complete list of names and aliases and coordinates of ALL US agents acting illegally within the boundary of any single nation whose government or acting agents or militia is willing to seize and permanently destroy the specifically calibrated electronic equipment that they use to victimize the soul and his people and I, with absolute and complete indifference to the final disposition of the family members using the equipment.

Before you can accept this offer you must note that you MUST have access to a device that will connect you to the visual spectrum of my eyes and brain so as to receive the offered intelligence from the people of the soul known to be writing the word in my eyes but any device enabling this such as the phone line the whore uses or any online access portal or even the windows software (you need to be able to do the very simply four color separation to use windows software to see the people’s writing), and, while the intelligence is available to any nations government or emissary or acting mercenary acting upon their behalf, the intel is ONLY available AFTER the equipment has been seized and permanently destroyed.

It should be further noted that any nations government or acting mercenary acting upon their behalf with current access to a device that will connect you to the visual spectrum of my eyes and brain may seek information as to the two families whereabouts and as to how to seize their equipment so as to insure success without hindrance or bother or obstruction from any law enforcement protecting them.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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