December 06, 2019 (5966-12062019)

United Nations, DonaldTrump;

While it may seem alright for a nation’s gov to compose a letter to justify killing someone legally, drafting a letter to kill someone legally does not give a nation the right to torture the individual the letter allows one the freedom to murder & the soul & his people & I have spent 35 plus years telling of the cruel & inhumane bullying & torture committed against us by two US federal agents wanting to kill us under the provisions of the US drafted Executive order to terminate our life. We have uploaded true testimony of the two women’s crimes against us describing the torture which has been repeatedly substantiated by gainfully employed agents of the US federal government themselves. We have uploaded photographs of the flesh wounds sores known to have been deliberately caused by the two women cooking methamphetamine which scars now litter my arms & head. We know the operatives of the government of the USA have witnessed we told the truth of the two agents crimes against us & the flesh wound sores as well. We voluntary left the USA after more than 35 years of this abuse & their repeated human rights violations just to get ourselves away from the jennet woman & the harlot whore & both their families & we legally sought asylum against them on foreign soil & we would like the current administration of gov under the leadership of @realDonaldTrump to stand up & formally acknowledge that forcing the jennet woman & her family & the harlot whore & hers upon us these last near 40 years has been nothing less than that of a cruel & inhumane torture & punishment by a nation that couldn’t care for us & instead wanted us dead & we would like this feat to be sufficient reason to seize their specifically calibrated electronic equipment & to force their disconnection & removal off of & away from us & we would like a grant of asylum against them so we never have to worry about their illegal occupation of the soul & spectrum we are because if we cannot reach this agreement & have it fulfilled, then in order for us to innocently live & be happy we will be forced into making the decision to seek out yet another nation to seek the required asylum against them & we would very much prefer to stay where we are. Again, without disrespect, this too is a timed request as we have already suffer 40 calendar years of our lives under the thumb of the jennet woman & the harlot whore & both their family members & we want to live in peace so even though it is the holiday season, we would like the @real to see to this no later than by Christmas day as otherwise, we will concede that our true needs cannot be fulfilled where we are & will instead accept that our true need is to simply seek outside the five eyes within another nations boundaries even though our truest desire is to be where we are.

The soul & his people & I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, December 06, 2019

Donald Trump;

The word of the Christ people is that the gov of the USA promised the soul & his people that the monies provided to the sun Stephen would never be taken away from him, not for any reason as long as he lived & yet, nearly one half of the monies provided to the sun Stephen were in fact taken away as recent as December 2019 which means the administration has broken their promise to the soul & his people & we believe that if the current administration of gov under the leadership of @realDonaldTrump would simply look at the situation they would notice that their very own use of that which we are & that which was taken from us illegally & without our content equals much, much, much more than the paltry sum of $445.00 US dollars each & every nano second of each & every day & therefore, the soul & his people & I would like the @realDonaldTrump to reinstate the $850.00 US dollars the administration promised that would never be taken away with even more so as to enable us the freedom to live as we should be enabled to, irrelevant of what the jennet woman & the harlot FBI agent whore wants, & we need this to transpire as if the administration will not do this for us, we are because of the refusal forced into asking of another nation somewhere outside the five eyes to provide us enough monies in which to enable us to have both food & housing at the very same time & we would rather stay where we are instead of seeking out another nation beginning the process all over again & therefore, it is with this very letter that we, the soul & his people & I, are asking @realDonaldTrump to do this on our behalf despite the will of the harlot whore & the jennet woman & the members of their families. Without offense we notice that this is a times request as we need to seek of another nation as soon as possible in the event that the current administration chooses not to do this for us.

The soul & his people & I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, December 06, 2019

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