December 10, 2019 (5967-12102019)

@UN @amnesty @HRW @UNHumanRights;

On my father’s birthday the 4th of December, the @realdonaldtrump Government denied us $405.00 US dollars of $850.00 US dollars we had been guaranteed would never be taken away from us as long as we lived leaving us $445.00 US dollars per each 30 calendar days to live upon.

While I had previously noticed that springtime would bring an increase of hostel prices which would render me homeless, I was instead during the month of October offered the option to work for accommodation & so October and November I cleaned toilets & bedroom linen which enabled me to continue having bedspace in which to live and sleep but upon the 7th of December I was told by the management of the hostel I reside at that the hostel I had been cleaning bathrooms for accommodation for, no longer offered “work for accommodation” which was the only method possible for me to house myself during the expensive spring / summer period of the year, and was further told that those that could afford to pay for their bed could stay but that those that couldn’t, couldn’t.

I was then extended the freedom to stay within the hostel by its current management throughout the use of the monetary credit that I had earned cleaning bathrooms and linen throughout the months of October and November which takes me through the remainder of the year of 2019 but because of the loss of $405.00 US dollars the @realdonald trump administration took from me coupled with the refusal by the nation I sought asylum to provide monetary or housing assistance combined with the fact that I am not being permitted aid from reputable agencies such as the asylum seeker centre just as I am being denied the freedom to have friendships & sexual relations with anyone at all because of the jennet woman & the harlot whore asserting I’m not allowed to, virtually all of which while being simultaneously denied the freedom to be gainfully employed because of the very same  jennet woman & the harlot whore attempting to prevent me from doing anything that would reveal I am NOT wealthy as they falsely told people they were suckering with the lies that they tell, as of January 01, 2020 the soul & his people & I will no longer be able to house ourselves within the nation of Australia and because of all of the above will not be able to end or overcome or situation of homelessness and destitution and because of this, it is during this period of time that we will need to ask of another nation to help us garner enough monies to enable us the freedom to house ourselves AND buy food, supplies, and clothing at the same time and NOT around the time of my birthday as I previously stated I would be in need of doing and while I realize that all you I have addressed this letter to don’t give a damn I still need to find a nation somewhere willing to accept the soul and his people and I AND to provide for us WITHOUT letting the jennet woman and her family and or the harlot whore and hers telling them that they can’t and therefore this letter advises all the other nations that we need this help as well.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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