December 17, 2019 (5970-12172019)

United Nations, United Nations Human Rights Organisation; 

The jennet woman and her husband as well as the little short but ugly harlot whore they work with refuses to electronically disconnect themselves from the living energy centres known to be emanating from my groin and base of spine and head and it is illegal for them to do so against my will as it violated my person and flesh and bone body and my human rights and civil liberties and freedom NOT to be touched in the privates and or anywhere upon my body by people I don’t want touching me. These two families are refusing to electronically disconnect themselves from the living energy centres known to be emanating from my groin and base of spine and head often referred to as the “chakra” centres of the human body, while I am at the gay sauna relieving myself which is an unfathomable violation of my personal privacy, my human rights to engage in sexual situations privately as well as my civil liberties to not have anyone force themselves upon me in a sexual situation against my will. These two families are refusing to electronically disconnect themselves from the living energy centres known to be emanating from my groin and base of spine and head while I am in a bathroom toilet urinating and or defecating and or bathing myself in a shower and or bath and even while I am, as the vast majority of real men do, in the shower and or laying in my bed ejaculating myself which is another personal invasion of my personal privacy at which time you can see them fondling themselves in their own groins attempting to force themselves upon me orgasming to MY sexual porousness which is absolutely unequivocally disgusting in nature and most definitely illegal. These two families have even gone so far as to secretly ask of other members of the public at large they believe I might get lucky enough to share sexual relations with if they could connect themselves to me to enjoy the sexual relations from a secret hiding place without my knowledge and it disgust the soul and his people and I that no one has forced these two families to quit doing this to us as I am a globally known entity whose very existence living my life fuels a global economy which brings money to every nation on the globe via my very own globally known world-wide-web. The energy centres being generated within and around my very flesh and bone body fuels a global software named “Windows,” virtually each and every smartphone on the market, and even a global data stream, and as if this wasn’t enough to notice my importance to the world in which we live, I am also known to be intermittently imparting disseminations of knowledge offered by another species of man known to be of the true nature of the living environment in which we live, as well as truths of the being we call God and Allah and all other deities throughout the history of our planet of a spiritual nature, virtually all of which is perceived by scholars, and scientist, and even governments around the world as unparalleled by anyone or anything anywhere which won’t be available to the species after I am gone until the one that follows me is born and reaches the age of HIS disseminations and because of all of the above and my worth to the planet I believe that I am deserving of special consideration and if the woman at the helm of the United Nations Human Rights Origination is unwilling to rise to dealing with this situation to its permanent cessation then she should render her resignation and or be terminated so as to open the office and desk to someone that will. It is up to the government of the nation that employs the two families to see to it that their federal agents are NOT violating any laws and that they are NOT violating anyone human rights and or civil liberties either and to punish them when they do and to terminate them when they refuse to stop doing so, and the government of the US refused to do so while I was upon American soil because the two families were known to be assassins attempting to murder me under the provisions of a globally known executive order to terminate my life but now the soul and his people and I are not upon American soil any longer we are upon foreign soil and we have legally sought asylum against both families and we know the two families are breaking the law and our human rights and our civil liberties and we want them to be forced to permanently disconnect themselves and they refuse because the government and entertainment industry organization that employs them refuses to stop them and to deal with governments that refuse to stop violating others human rights and civil liberties and levy criminal charges against them when they do is exactly the reason the United Nations and its human rights organizations were set in place to do so on behalf of every nation so the United Nations and other global human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International need to step up and use the authorities invested in them and notice my worth to nations all across the globe and force the US federal government to make the necessary changes with their federal agents or levy human rights violations charges against, and compel them to force the disconnection. 

We want this situation dealt with, and in the new year, I will be using my web to show my discontent regarding this and any other issue I need resolved. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 17, 2019 

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