January 17, 2020 (5972-01172020)

As recent as the 7:47 AM time of this morning Friday. January 17, 2020, literally while engaged in the activity of fixing breakfast for the hostel dorm guests expecting to have the free breakfast offered by the hostel I currently reside within I had the immense personal displeasure of noticing that the very same known guilty criminal burglar I have repeatedly decried the criminal activities of whom was deliberately set up and housed in an adjacent apartment to close to me, had again, within the last twenty four hours deliberately sought to harm me by illegally trespassing upon the hostel dorm property, during which time she burglarized the locked management office to illegally tamper with the assortment of food items which she knew had been acquired to serve the hostel dorm guest a free breakfast, with the very same known to have caused a two week hospital stay in a near death condition the spring of 2005 and it serves as proof that the woman is so desperate to harm the soul and his people and I under the provisions of the globally known executive order to terminate my life that she is literally willing to burglarize a management office in a private hostel dorm and chemically tamper with an assortment of food items which she knew through the illegal eavesdropping of my activities would be consumed by an assortment of other people including me myself with complete disregard to the health and welfare of the others around me let alone me myself knowing full well the catastrophic aftermath of the loss of all that will be lost due to my passing. This damn bitch doesn’t give a damn how many people stand in her way and instead was willing to harm anyone to carry out the murder she has so desperately attempting to commit for more than forty calendar years and in fact, what we have here is a woman thoroughly documented as, and known to be an assassin attempting to murder me as the Immanuel of the era whom not only went to virtually every restaurant she believed I would eat at all across Johannesburg South Africa soliciting help from the various restaurant employees to help her contaminate the food items I ordered and was documented by SA government doing so, and then began doing the exact same thing within the various fast food places and restaurants she believes I will eat at right here within the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas of the nation of Australia which has ALSO been repeatedly documented by the nation’s government and the emissaries of other nations governments as well, and now is literally willing to deliberately burglarize a hostel dorm management office just to contaminate food items she known others will be eating just to get at me and I have repeatedly decried the allowance of this woman’s repeated criminal burglaries all around the world and to date no one has bothered to stop the bitch from continuing to burglarize others homes, offices, storage containers, private lockers, and now even offices and this woman must be stopped and restrained to the literal degree that she can no longer trespass upon and or burglarize anyone’s place and or space for anything at all.

As far as the soul and his people and I are concerned, someone should be tampering with this bitch’s and her family’s food supply and see how they like having it done to themselves.

The soul and his people and I have repeatedly noted that this bitch is an assassin attempting to murder me under the provisions of a US drafted executive order to terminate my life and this is exactly why it is we legally sought asylum against the woman and her family and the origination funding her illegal activities and crimes against us and we have also repeatedly noted that we do NOT want the bitch and or her family housed anywhere near us and these are but a very few of the staggering number of reasons we have asserted so.

This bitch’s burglaries and food tampering MUST be addressed and stopped and to the best of my knowledge the nation’s government was asked to do so but has as of today Friday, 17 January 2020 either refused, or hasn’t taken the time to do so and if you want to know the truth I really don’t know which is the case but what I DO know is that no one has bothered to stop her yet and because of it she is still burglarizing places where she doesn’t belong and she is still tampering with others food, and oh, by the way, the jennet woman and her husband housed in the too close to us adjacent apartment is still dealing contaminated methamphetamine contaminated with the disease killing her and her husband to others in the area in exchange for the commission of favors such as vandalism and other illegal activities she wants them to do and if she isn’t stopped the area where she is dealing the methamphetamine in is going to become a ground zero for the spread of a contagion that has no cure and will kill the vast majority of those infected with it just as it is killing her and her husband.

The soul and his people and I would really appreciate having someone remove this woman and her family away from our area and or to restrain her through incarceration so she cannot stalk and victimize us and others any further.

The soul and his people, and I Steven Wayne Reno Friday. January 17, 2020.

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