January 31, 2020 (5973-01312020)

My Dear Vanessa (Vanessa Laine Bryant), there is no amount of sympathy from anyone that can take away the anguish and sadness of the loss of the presence of another that you love and enjoy being around other than time itself, and therefore, there are no words for me nor anyone else to say to fully alleviate the sadness you must be feeling at this time, What is best for us to know is that the true essence of a person is the soul that lives and dwells within each of us and what this soul is, is the spectrum of the conscientiousness we each are and grew to be and this spectrum, while everything to each of us, is but a single aspect of the much larger and greater and all-encompassing spectrum of conscientiousness of the universal deity many of us call God, Allah, and or by whatever other name of affection one chooses to call God, and therefore, the truth of our passing is that our soul, this spectrum of conscientiousness which we each become as we live our lives continues to live even after our passing as part of the overall much larger and greater all-encompassing spectrum of conscientiousness of the universal deity himself and this means that while the physical flesh and bone body of the person you loved and cared for may no longer be here, the spectrum of conscientiousness which is the soul still IS, it is simply in a different form, the presence of which, you can still find all around you by simply looking, and recognising this presence within and throughout the nature of the living environment we live within. 

Our condolences over your loss.  

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, January 31, 2020

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