February 01, 2020 (5974-02012020)

The soul and his people and I came to the nation of Australia seeking a grant of asylum against and away from the jennet woman and the harlot whore and both their respective families and the businesses they each peruse which currently is and has been all along encroaching too closely upon my private life, in a globally known case of the USA drafting an executives order to terminate my life as the newest Immanuel of the day and there was no investigation needed into the case as it was already globally know situation known by all the nations governments all across the world and I can prove it by people all across the globe that knew as well as hundreds and hundreds of documentations regarding such all across the globe as well and I believe the only reason why it is that the family of Elizabeth 11 and the Scott Morrison government would refuse to provide the grant of asylum away from the two women and their families is because of their personal knowledge of the truth of the fact the two women really are documented as murders sent to murder me by the USA, which is in combination with their own personal desire to allow the two women the freedom to carry out her murder but the woman and her family and those helping her are never going to be allowed the freedom to murder me by the soul and his people  and they told the world so and because of the refusal to grant the asylum request the two women and their families and the business they each pursue are known to be repeatedly encroaching too close upon my personal private life not only from within my place of residence but the various gay venues I frequent and everywhere else I go as well and I am still being illegally denied the freedom to have friendships and sexual relations by the two families illegal activities and illegal use of specifically calibrated electronic equipment which is being used to illegally eavesdrop and spy upon, AND to defame my character and humiliate me in public as well as to frighten others they see around me away from befriending me and I have asked the Morrison government to stop them but they haven’t bothered to do so and I am damned tired of being mistreated and denied my freedom to live so if the monarch and family of Elizabeth 11 and or the Scott Morrison government can’t find it within themselves to grant the request for asylum against these two women for the man everyone knows damn good and well is the only known Immanuel of the era then so be it, as another government on the outside of the anglophone intelligence alliance FVEY will.

These two women and their families must be punished for the crimes they each committed including the murder of our family member and this, as well as levying Human Rights Violation Charges against the two families and the organization known to be providing their operational funding funding their illegal activities against us is the only right chose to make.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, February 1, 2020

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