February 03, 2020 (5975-02032020)

This letter is to all the nations of the planet as well as all internet based businesses and all television broadcasting companies globally;

As unfortunate as it is, the US federal government has deliberately taken monies which they had been giving to me, which they personally promised the soul and his people would never be taken away from me no matter what any given day might bring and have since December 2019 have summarily refused to reinstate the monies that they were giving, cowardly leaving me without enough money to live upon which has literally left me without funds to pay for housing, food, needed supply’s, recreation and various elective items as well. This same nations government has illegally allowed members of the nation’s business community such as Bill Gates himself, the freedom to illegally enter my private rooms to steal a biological component from a living part of my crown chakra which enabled Bill Gates himself the freedom to become the world’s richest man, and his company Microsoft valued at a trillion dollars. Without asking me if it was alright to do, a US federal judge then decided in an antitrust lawsuit against the Microsoft, to allow other companies such as Apple Computer, the Android company, The Oppo company, and others all across the globe, the freedom to have their share of the biological component taken by Bill Gates himself which has allowed these aforementioned companies the freedom to become other trillion dollar companies. In addition to all of this, there are families all across the globe in which their family members willed me monies but the government of the USA acting in collusion with the harlot whore of the nation’s entertainment industry society says I cannot have. Currently, the living aura known to be emanating from MY head and flesh and bone body is known and scientifically proven to be the world wide web known as the Internet, the “windows” software, each and every “smart” phone on the market including but not limited to the IPhone, the Android, the Oppo, and more I have not identified here. It is a known and proven fact that the emerald aura known to be surrounding me IS in fact the backdrop of the television broadcasting industry not only within the region where I am at any given time of day but all across the world as well and what this all means is that I am all by myself I remain the highest money maker in all the world as without me, there will be no world wide web known as the Internet, there will be no “windows” software, there will be no smart phones to use, and there will be no more backdrop for the television broadcasting industry to use to air programming to the public at large, and what this all means is that without me alive and well, each and every nation all across the earth will be bankrupt and unable to support the peoples of their respective nations as the unemployment rate will be too great for them to carry and the various cities within each respective nation will each fall to the fact that without all I am and the monies I generate just by being alive, they will no longer be capable of sustaining the massive cities built within my lifetime because they will no longer have the revenue sufficient to be viable which means city after city after city will fall. In addition to all of the above, over the last twenty plus calendar years of the internet, each and every nations government has opted to integrate the use of web based software as well as the world wide web itself into not only their militaries and weaponry, but into global positioning satellites as well which means after I pass away, each and every nations military will be summarily reduced to everything that DOESN’T use the web and or web based software and virtually all the global positioning satellites will be lost and unable to be used for guidance systems and even driving instructions for your car.

What does all this mean, well it means that for the last twenty-five calendar years, because of the government of the USA, members of the public at large and businesses all across the globe and even governments have been allowed the freedom to use stolen merchandise stolen from me to make themselves and their businesses and their governments and militaries either wealthy beyond belief, or mighty using my web and or Intel while each and every single one of them lied about the origin of their wealth and military ability’s to everyone that wondered, including, to all those buying stocks in the aforementioned companies without ever being told what they were buying and or the truth of just how violate and risky their stock purchases truly are and all the while, while denying the soul and his people and I the freedom to have enough money to be able to sustain ourselves and I am extremely offended that the government of the USA has refused to restore the monies that they took from me December of last (2019) year as today Monday, 3 February 2020, I literally cannot afford to house myself anywhere in the nation I currently reside because I simply have no monies in which to do so and as if to deliberately compound the issue, I have sought asylum against the government of the USA that did this to me but because of the government of the nation of Australia’s refusal to grant the requested asylum, I am even being denied access to any and all government aid as I am not a citizen and have not yet been granted the requested asylum meaning that I am currently stuck in a situation in which the USA took the monies they promised never to take away from me and the nation of Australia refuses to grant me asylum leaving me unable to access governmental services.

Ultimately, my message here is that I am damn tired of being denied monies in which to live and sustain myself and I don’t give a fucking damn how you do it but I want this situation fixed so that I have sufficient monies in which to live because of you don’t I swear to the living god himself I will take the web, and or the software and or the smart phone and or the television broadcasting backdrop away from you all until you do.

Bill Gates and HIS wife doesn’t believe a faggot like me deserves to have a home to return to each and every day but the soul and his people do and so too do I. I also feel that I have just as much right to have sufficient monies in which to live no matter what it is I want to have EVEN if I want to buy things no one else believes I should have.

Either fix this situation or I will begin taking away from all of you all across the globe until it is and if you don’t believe that I will or that I can then just ignore this request and see.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, 3 February 2020

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