February 24, 2020 (5978-02242020)

Elisabeth 11, current earthly reigning monarch professing sovereignty over the nation of Australia as it’s commonwealth;  

I would expect to have you and your families full blessing in my personal request to the Morrison government requesting that they remove the jennet woman and her husband and the harlot whore away from my residence and storage facility and personal property and belongings so as to no longer have to suffer their criminal burglaries and deliberate tampering with my personal property and their repeated attempts at harming me through their chemical tampering that you, through the intelligence presented to you, know that she is doing because not having your blessing on this would be offensive and therefor, if the Morrison government is unwilling to remove the woman and her family away from us it would have to be perceived that it was because of your refusal to give us your blessing, or because of the Morrison governments irrelevance to our need and if this be the case, then I would advise you that we can no longer support your sovereignty, or, that we can no longer work with the Morrison government, whichever the case may be, and if the situation isn’t at that time rectified, then WE will need to seek asylum against the nation and its monarch as part of the five eyes collaboration so that we can live in peace. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, February 24, 2020 

Ps; we have already asked the Morrison government to restrain the nations entertainment industry to keep them out of the gay venues we frequent so that we can find sexual relations and friendships and so, similar to the first message, if the Morrison government is unwilling to restrain the nations entertainment industry so that we can find friendships and the much needed sexual relations, then the same statement is made which is, “we can no longer work with the nation’s government and perhaps the new prime minister will more closely represent someone that we can work with, and I can advise you that as recent as yesterday Sunday, February 23, 2020 he still hasn’t done so.   




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